Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paris, Day 6: Thursday at Centre Pompidou

Our run of good weather came to end yesterday evening at about 7 when the skies opened up. We had checked the weather and were prepared with our umbrellas, while the locals cowered at the foot of the metro stairs, unable to emerge out onto the street. Today continued cloudy and cool (though very little rain, thank goodness). This afternoon it cleared up and warmed up, so I'm hoping tomorrow (last day, sob) will be nice.

I wore jeans and boots to deal with the cold and wet, and topped my Vogue reissue from 1935 with the perfect little sweater I found at Goodwill(!) for $5. I'd gone to Goodwill hoping to find a wool sweater in an appropriate color that I could felt and shrink and then make into a shrug. I did that too, but this little one went with my wardrobe so well I decided to bring it as a layering piece.

We went to the Centre Pompidou to see the building and eat our crepes in the (surprisingly terrible) courtyard. We opted not to go in, but I had to visit the famous fountain. The fountain is on a much smaller scale than it appears in photos, one of the only things in Paris that has that effect, I've found.

From there we headed to Monmartre, and I had to stop into Reine (thank goodness it was open today). I got one cut of a beautiful embroidered cotton batiste. I spent a lot of time fondling the Liberty of London prints, but ultimately couldn't cough up the 21,95E/metre. I took a couple of surreptitious pictures of the mannequins.


Karen said...

Hah, we both made it back - we went on Tuesday after the boy realized I'd been disappinted by not getting there. (Plus he wanted fabric for a new shirt). The woman who worked there let me take a picture, and I took another sneak one, but neither is as clear as yours. I love the creepy mannequins.

And I didn't resist the Liberty. I did a painful thing to my credit card, and I don't care. Yet.

Claudine said...

I can't tell you how much I love looking at your vacation photos every day! Obviously, I'm suffering from lack of excitement in my own life.

Paula said...

That sweater was a great find! I've had so much fun following you around Paris. When my daughter was there last fall, she didn't update her myspace at all. Of course it was her honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

That dress in the fabric shop is to die for!

MarilynB said...

Maybe the Reine mannequins would look better if they had better wigs. I do love the clothes on them since they are sewn and not just draped. I saw those Liberty prints and like you, I could not justify the price since there weren't any prints that begged to come back to the States.