Monday, May 12, 2008

Paris: Day 1, Saturday at the Tour Eiffel

So the apartment we've rented comes complete with a computer and high speed internet so I thought it would be fun to post my Paris wardrobe as I go. I don't have an arrival picture because my flight was an unbelievable ordeal (12 hours later I was still in New York) and I'm pretty sure you could have smelled me through the screen by the time I arrived...sans luggage.

So the first day was not part of my Paris wardrobe, but a rather cute jersey top/dress (top on her 5'7" self, dress on my 5'1" self) co-opted from one of my travel companions. It's so cute that I may have to try to copy it when I get home, if I can ever find any plain cotton or cotton blend jersey that I like. I am so fussy about it. Here I am at the Tour Eiffel. Please note the boots. They take up so much room in the suitcase that I wore them on the plane to save space. This was a decision I would come to regret after wearing them for about 30 hours straight. Please note that it was about 80 degrees in Paris. Oy.


Rose said...

In the face of adversity, you look tres chic avec les, uhhh, boots! :)(Sorry my high school french classes were so long ago...)

12 hours in an airplane/airport sounds horrible, having the airlines misplace your luggage is terrible. I hope that your suitcase shows up soon. But do try to think of it as the begining of a great adventure in Paris...

loopylulu said...

I'm going to Paris in one week too and I was going to do the exact same thing (post outfits each day)! That is, if I actually finish sewing the things I plan to bring.

Glad to see you got there safely, even if it was an ordeal.

Paula said...

It doesn't matter what you're wearing! You're standing in front of the Eiffel Tower; you look fabulous!

cidell said...

Those are the boots you bought with me, right? You look adorable!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Ha ha Rose, I had to look up boot, too. It's "botte."

Loopylulu--I have learned my lesson. Wear shoes on the plane that you can wear for a couple of days.

Thank you Paula!

Yep, Cidell, those are the boots I got at Ross for $15. They are *awesome* boots (Born brand) that are so comfortable I actually went on eBay and found them in black. But sometimes it's just too hot for boots. I was glad that at least they are tres chic and interesting with their red color.