Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simplicity 4074, Knit Trumpet Skirt

S4074 Skirt Thumbnail

One of the biking skirts I made for my trip to the Netherlands was the knit trumpet skirt from Simplicity 4074. This is one of those patterns with fairly ugly illustrations that turns out lovely garments. I made the mock wrap dress in 2007 and again in 2008. I still haven't made the V neck view but I'm sure I'll get around to it someday. The pattern is still in print.

Fear not, I didn't get Botox. (Not saying I haven't considered it.) The picture on the left was taken four years ago, when I made the gray skirt (if the date on my computer is to be believed the photo was taken on 1/27/2007). I made the rest of the gray fabric into an unsuccessful version of Vogue 8386 (the bust was too large and droopy). That dress is long gone but I still wear the skirt quite regularly. I have no idea what the fabric is--it's not a double knit but is very thick but still stretchy and has wonderful weight and flow and not a single pill in all these years. I wish I knew because I'd look for more of it. It is fantastic. From the $2.97/yd table at G Street, of course.

When I was planning my wardrobe I thought I would make a gored A line skirt out of my Spain fabric, but was not enthused about it as I don't find A lines very flattering on me. For most knit skirts I make a simple fitted tube as in this outfit, which is bikeable in a commuting situation but not comfortable enough on the bike for a full day. I don't know why it took me so long to hit upon the trumpet skirt as the perfect compromise between pencil and A line.

Button Marking Back This is a simple skirt and I don't have much to say about it! As with Simplicity 5914, my TNT woven trumpet skirt, the front and back are cut from the same pieces. As my front and back are not shaped the same, I have to take in at the side back seams for swayback and general fitting. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry when making this skirt that I did not take any photos to document the process, but it is intuitive once you have the skirt cut out and initially constructed. Just try it on and pin out the excess.

To make it easy on myself when getting dressed, I sew a button into the center back waist so I can tell which side goes where. You can use a length of ribbon as a faux tag (or a real tag, if you have them), but I have a glut of buttons due to Fabric Mart's 4 pound bags (alas, no longer available).

Burda 05-2011-107 Gray Skirt Back

This is a great TNT to have in my pattern arsenal. It is a flattering shape for me--giving the idea of "curvy" rather than "wide"--but it has plenty of volume and movement at the hem for biking or other activities. I have been wearing my Spain fabric skirt a ton since I made it, as I love the colors and it goes with just about every top I made for the trip.

All photos are here and the pattern review is here.


As for the Prison Matron dress, the random number generator has chosen... lsaspacey! I've sent her an email.


Rachelle said...

What a lovely skirt; it looks like it opens up a few inches below your hipline, which really adds some va va to the voom!

On another note, I splurged and got Botox this spring, prior to our annual vacation.

I got 37.5 units injected, at $8.00 per unit, and the little line didn't go away, but my forehead felt like wood, and my eyelids got droopy enough that it wasn't worth wearing eyeshadow, because you couldn't see it under the droopy lids.

I think my problem was the doctor, not the botox, though. I told her, right away during the "consultation", that I liked myself, and was only interested in doing preventative maintenance on the little half-inch line Right There.

She blathered right over me, told me all the things that are wrong with my face, drew a bizarre picture of me with a set of 60 colored markers she had skewn across her desk, using lots of colors to highlight my "flaws" and then told me how it was okay to admit that I hated things about myself, that was how she could help me fix them.

Add that charming behavior to this one last thing; there was a point in the conversation where she asked about the lone pimple on my chin that always comes back just before my period, and she acted absolutely stunned, and said "Gee, it's a little late in your life to be getting your period! Shouldn't you be in menopause?"

I'M 37 YEARS OLD! She had my age on a piece of paper right in front of her!

Sooo... the moral of the story is, I'll probably try it again next spring, but I'll find a doctor who doesn't hate me on sight!

Debbie Cook said...

It's a great skirt, wonderfully flattering on you.

Botox ... hmmm ... I sorta thought about it for when I have an income again but with Rachelle's story above, OMG! ;-)

Lisette M said...

I'm so glad your wrote this post, I have been wanting a knit skirt and I already have this pattern. This skirt is very flattering on you.

Elizabeth said...

Great in both versions! I really love it in the gray, the drape is beautiful!

Karin said...

I love the picture on top with it "swoooshing!"

Uta said...

The skirts look great on you! Trumpet skirts seem to be most flattering for pear shapes; something to do with the "extra curve" they create at/above the knee I think. Why then do I have only two RTW trumpet skirts? If you'd sewn a Burda mag pattern I could've copied you :)

McVal said...

I really like that shape of the skirt! It's great you found a perfect pattern that you feel good in. I wish I could! Every one I try for myself feels like a horrible accident in fitting...
I need to find a standby.

Anonymous said...

The back drape on this skirt is just perfection. This is a really lovely piece.

You look like you're doing the flamenco in the little "swooshing" shot!

AllisonC said...

I would not have thought of doing a trumpet skirt shape in a knit either but it's a brilliant idea - and not just for biking!

Anonymous said...

You dont need botox honey, you are still very beautiful. YOu look a bit thinner .

meli88a said...

Oooh, swishy skirt!

And... I would not have known the vintage of the photo on the right if you had not mentioned it. You do not look a day older!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Great pattern - I have it too. It's funny how they made the front and back identical - are they assuming people will know how to fit it? Looks great with the boots and that adorable scoop-back top.

I would agree with Anonymous on the Botox issue.

loopylulu said...

You could have passed that left photo off as a current photo and none would be the wiser. The skirt has nice movement.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

That is a great skirt and I have that pattern. And I have loads of fabric...so I'm seeing one of them in my future. Thanks for inspiring me!

Trudy Callan said...

I love the swing that the trumpet skirt has to it. Looks like a fun skirt to wear.

Big in Japan said...

I love the trumpet skirt! They are a skirted biker's best friend!