Friday, March 20, 2009


Wrapping #9 Nara Camicie Blouse

I got a present in the mail! The wrapping was so gorgeous that it felt like a real occasion to open it up. Marita at Paradise for Me had a giveaway on Patrones 274, the party dress edition, a while back and I was the winner! It has lots of great cocktail wear and some fun little dresses. My top pick is this great blouse. It's similar to fabulous BWOF 01-2008-108 which everyone, their dog, and I have made but the yoke extends all the way to the sleeves. The instructions tell you to pre-pleat your own fabric for the yoke, which is a clever idea.


G Street Fabrics, 3/14/09

I took time away from work to go to Fashion Sewing Club at G Street Fabrics on Saturday. I didn't think I was going to get any fabric because I wasn't wowed by anything, but then I saw the jersey, which is just my color. It's very thin--almost but not quite that tissue weight that was such a craze in RTW two summers ago for layering pieces (layering in summer?). I am thinking another Giambattista Valli tee, fully self lined as with the first. I think the weight will be perfect for that project. The navy polka dots is a really fine cotton. There was only one yard and I suspect it was a bolt end thrown onto the $2.97/yd table, as I've bought shorter lengths of fabric from the $2.97 table before and later seen the same fabric on a bolt for a much higher price. It will be some sort of blouse.


Farewell Old FriendOn Saturday I also went to Joann, coupons in hand, and finally replaced my cutting board. I bought this board way back when I got my first sewing machine of my own, which makes it approximately 12 years old! The backside has silver paint from making the wings for my Ever After costume (of which I don't appear to have any digital pictures but it was awesome) and red dye from making my flame costume. There is a bad mushy spot from when my ceiling leaked and the fold creases are beginning to split and it's hard to cut over them. So it was time to replace it.

For a milli-second I thought about making a grain board like Birgitte's fabulous board, but then I thought, "Are you kidding me?" I don't want to lose my cred as the Slapdash Sewist, aside from which I live in a third floor walkup and the idea of wrangling a giant sheet of plywood up the stairs by myself (let us not forget that I am single and live alone) was enough to put me off, setting aside the issues of getting the employees at Home Depot to cut me a perfect rectangle (LOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO) as I don't have a table saw in my third floor walkup condo and then making the thing. To reinforce it, I actually had a dream about a grain board, and in my dream it broke into three pieces after all the work I went through to make it so I took that as the final sign. Inferior foldup cardboard it is.

A fond farewell to the old board, on which I have cut countless hundreds of projects!


My prize for winning second place in the recycling contest for my sweater hat is a free pattern from Pattern Review. I cannot decide what to get! The only thing I've come up with is Burda 7890, for the top that is from a BWOF magazine that precedes my subscription (Karen and Cabinbaby have made it, among others). But that seems kind of boring to choose for a prize.

Any suggestions on what you all would like to see me make? I always catch Simplicity on sale at Joann, though their Butterick sales are few and far between and I don't catch McCall or Vogue sales too often so I'd be open to a BMV (especially V) but it would be smarter to choose something I can never get on sale. I thought of just getting the Vogue Tracy Reese dress, but honestly for as much as I love Tracy Reese I just don't think it's that special. Nobody has made it yet; I may change my mind when I see it made up.


I have to decide what to pack for Miami! I leave on Monday. The big issue is shoes; once I decide what color shoes to bring everything else will fall into place.

I am going to try to finish my sewing back story over the weekend and set it up to post while I'm gone, but I'm not making any promises!


melissa said...

You should so go for that Burda pattern - I've made it something like 4-5 times and I live in them all winter. Not exactly seasonal, but then again, there's a vest pattern in there, too...

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like the Burda pattern, or one of the cute new Jalie patterns.
I'm so jealous of your Patrones!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

The shoes do make the wardrobe, don't they?

Birgitte said...

LOL- you paint a pretty picture walking up those stairs :))
I think I'd get one of the new Jalie patterns as well. Have fun in Florida you lucky dog :))

Dawn said...

I think you would LOVE that Burda pattern. It's one of my favorite winter patterns.

goodworks1 said...

I think you'll get a lot of use from that Burda pattern. And the tops will be especially flattering on you.

I've been surprised how often I use it as a basis for all sorts of pieces. And it's the only pattern I can think of that I've bothered to use all the variations. I've never made any of the 'outfits' they show though. lol.

Lisette M said...

If you extra time and are interested in visiting a sort of Cuban Mecca, go see the Ermita de la Caridad de El Cobre. A chapel built for the patron saint of Cuba. I hear, since I haven't been, that it is beautiful and that the view from the spot is also gorgeous.
Have lots of fun, and brings us back some warm weather!

Adelaide B said...

Have a great time in Miami! Eat a Cuban sandwich for me!

Kim Hood said...

Decisions, decisions! I am sure you will choose absolutely the right thing for you.

I am waiting for my friend to come back from Spain with the next Patrones for me - only have to wait till the 1st April so not long now.

Have a great time in Miami - be sure to come back fully charged and ready to sew again!

Karen said...

Get something else. Let me know when you're back from Miami and I'll pop that issue of BWOF in the mail so you can trace off the top.