Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Visit to the Cherry Blossoms


I will apologize in advance for having no sewing nexus here!  The weather turned unexpectedly hot and I didn't have anything new to wear to the cherry blossoms this year.  I didn't have a photographer with me, either, and the photo I asked a stranger to take barely shows the dress I was wearing (my Burda 06-2008-108 shirtdress with a cherry blossom-evocative print).

Even without a new dress, I wouldn't miss the cherry blossoms!

I visited after work on Monday, and got there just about sunset.  I loved this venerable old tree.

Blossoms and Buds

We had an unusually cold Spring, so the blossoms--which were originally forecast for peak bloom on March 25, because of our mild winter--were still not quite there when I visited on Monday.

Pet Photo Session

I shared my blossom experience from people all over the world, everyone drinking them in and trying to get the best shots.  This one was a first for me:  a pet photo shoot.  This impeccably-groomed dog  was having none of sitting on the black-covered pedestal and posing decoratively under the blossoms.  None of it.  I do not know if the second dog in the picture was waiting his turn, or just a bystander.

Dead tree, Duck

Every year I'm surprised that this dead tree has survived a culling.  Its bare branches do make for a wonderful photo op, though.  Here I waited for the duck to paddle to just the right spot before snapping the photo.

Monument Reflected

The Washington Monument is getting covered in scaffolding to finally repair the damage from our Great DC Earthquake of 2011 (I use this ironically--I grew up in Southern California and while it was certainly strong enough to feel, it was not a big earthquake).  The scaffolding has its own charm.

Jefferson in the Distance

There is nothing more picturesque than blossoms and water!


A kind stranger took my photo.  The lighting was bad, but the flash version of the photo was terrifying. Luckily, I was not the star of this show.


As the sun went down I headed home.  Can't wait for next year's!

All photos are here.


Karin said...

So pretty! The cherry trees here are a little behind. We've alo had a long, harsh winter. Roll on Spring!

McVal said...

How beautiful!! I can't wait until the trees bloom around here.

Pam said...

We went to visit the blossoms on Sunday, but they weren't quite popped yet, but still beautiful! I love DC in the spring...and fall....and summer...and even sometimes in the winter! :-)

Ripple Dandelion said...

Oh, pretty! Good for you for making a point of going in person to experience it. When things are local, it's easy to take a blase attitude. Looks dreamy.

Clio said...

So pretty! I also have been kind of bummed not to have something brand new to wear this week. Sigh.

Uta said...

The scenery is beautiful! Time to get out and enjoy spring!

Seraphinalina said...

Thank you for the reminder that spring will eventually arrive. I cannot believe they are calling for ice pellets/freezing rain/rain tomorrow, all depending on how far away you are from Lake Ontario. I'm ready for some cherry blossoms.

Nancy K said...

It's gorgeous. We actually managed to be in DC one year and saw them, a totally unplanned surprise.
I have an old gardening book that talks about weather and bloom times. They have a list going back years with the dates on which the cherry blossoms have bloomed.

Linda said...

I laughed at your earthquake comment. As I have spent most of my life in No VA, it was terrifying to experience the earthquake in a 5 story concrete building in Crystal City. I didn't have a clue what to do. I haven't made the cherry blossoms in a couple years, but they are really breathtaking. All the blooming trees and flowers are one of my favorite things about the DC area.

PS. Love the blog. I've been following for 3-4 years? Oh my.

Sandy said...

We have a cherry behind our back garden. It started blossoming but then stopped because we got several weeks of cold weather. Just this week the sun has started coming out, so it is finishing putting the blossoms out.

When you say you can't wait til next year, won't the blossoms still be there next week? or does it start getting hot straight away and they fall? Ours hang on for a while unless there are a few days of downpours. Soon the bumble bees will be bumbling round the cherry tree and we will know there is slight chance we might get summer, too! LOL
Sandy in the UK

Faye Lewis said...

Oh my goodness I'd love to see it!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Lucky you - we have no blossoms nor even leaves here yet ... and today we had an ice storm. :p

Gorgeous cherry blossom.

P.S. I didn't know that you too were a SoCal girl. I grew up in Orange County.

Malady said...

Here in Australia we are waiting for the autumn (fall) to arrive! Its mid April, and normally we'd have fires burning to warm our house by now, but we haven't even needed to shut up the windows yet. Crazy weather.

melissa said...

Aahhh! We were in town Monday night and spent Tuesday walking around the basin - they were Peak Bloom on Tuesday or Wednesday, I was told, as the heat really opened them up. I went for a run under them first, then came back and J took a ton of photos with his DSLR. I'll send you the link when I've got them up online. Having never seen anything like them before, I was stunned at how magical the atmosphere was. Simply gorgeous.

meli88a said...

Pretty photos! Perfect timing with that duck in the bare branches shot. :)

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! I'm planning on going to DC for the first time next month- I bet the blossoms will all be gone by then. :(