Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Year in Review

The Stats
Number of completed garments:  64 (excluding some miscellany)
Woven dresses:  12
Knit dresses:  10
Woven tops:  5
Knit tops:  10
Skirts:  7
Coats:  1
Sweaters/Shrugs:  4
Shorts:  1
Pants:  2 (jungle pants, though; they hardly count as pants)
Sport tops:  4
Hats:  2
Nighties:  2
Slips:  2
Rain gear:  pants, pullover, spats, mitts, and 2 helmet covers

Number of pattern reviews written:  44.  I had been aiming to hit 250 reviews, but only made it to 243.  If I had reviewed everything I made I think I would have made it, but only just.  After 243 patterns reviewed (and hundreds made before I discovered PR), I have actually started repeating some!

Number of items sewn for others:  5.  I made two tops and a skirt for my mom and two pairs of boxers for the boyfriend.  How's that for selfish seamstressing?!?!


Proudest Project:  Navy wool herringbone coat with velveteen trim


Greatest ratio of compliments to work involved:  Velvet beret.  Seriously, I get compliments on this every time I wear it, way more than on the coat.  It took about an hour to make.

Front Raise

Most useful items:  Four tops for the gym.  Wear these pretty much daily, twice most days.

Front View, The Truth

Biggest Fail:  Simplicity 2615 Prison Matron Dress.  *shudder* 

Burda 7658

Longest planned:  Yellow eyelet Burda 7658 shirtdress.  I bought this expensive fabric from Mood in March 2007, using a gift certificate that was a thank you from a friend for sewing lessons.  I was so glad to finally make this up, after waffling on a pattern for it for 4 years.


Most worn:  Butterick 5283 asymmetric twist tee.  Any time I needed a top in Spring, Summer, and Fall, I reached for this tee.  It's a combination of the interesting pattern, the rich color, and the fantastic quality of the fabric (a fluke, unfortch; I bought it from Stretch House and it was the only color of that particular beefy but stretchy, slightly textured fabric).

Burda 06-2010-126

Overall favorite: It's a little unfair because it has the shine of newness. but the dress I made for the New Year's Eve wedding I just attended (not blogged yet), a modified version of Burda 06-2010-126. I felt fabulous in this and got many unsolicitations from other guests.

Thank you so much for reading and sewing along with me this year!  Having sewing friends makes such a difference in enjoyment, as well as encouraging me to try new things and improve my techniques.  I appreciate every comment I receive and love reading all that you write as well.

You can see my whole slideshow for 2011 here.  It does not contain all 64 items, because there are things I never photographed or reviewed.   So sue me.*

*As a lawyer, this is not an action I recommend that you pursue.  I disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied.


I don't have any particular goals for 2012, just to sew what I like and try not to buy too much fabric.  There were several stretches in 2011 where I didn't have time to sew and it made me cranky, but I think my life isn't going to get any less complicated or busy.  I need to learn to accept those busy times and enjoy the sewing that I get to do--time to sew is more of a luxury than a right, alas.  I continue to marvel at those of you who work, have children, *and* sew.  I just have work and sewing and can't always manage to fit it in!


KID, MD said...

You made a ton of beautiful garments this year! I can't wait to see your write up of the NYE dress. It looks amazing!

Lynn said...

What a wonderful line-up! You have inspired me to try the twist tee.

KayY said...

I can see why your latest is your favorite. It's fabulous! But isn't it best to always love your latest creation the best? I think it keeps the creative juices flowing.

Mikhaela said...

A great year of sewing, of course--that coat with the frill is so awesome.

Shannon said...

Wow! You've had a good year! That New Year's dress looks awesome. I can't wait to read the blog post on that one!

sewingkm said...

I can't wait to see the review of your latest gown - looks fab-o! I so enjoy your blog as it's written in such an easy, relatable style.

ReadyThreadSew said...

It's funny that your "biggest fail" turned into a pattern purchase for me. Your dress didn't turn out well for you, but I really liked the look of the drawings on the pattern so I took a chance. I've made the longer version of the dress and really, really like it. So, it wasn't a complete failure as you created a success for someone else.

Can't wait to see the full post about your newest dress - it looks gorgeous.

Shannon said...

"Prison matron dress" - that phrase just strikes me as hilarious!

Otherwaise, a very succesful year - here's to an even better 2012!

Uta said...

The coat and the yellow dress are certainly among my favorites of all the garments you've sewn. The New Year's dress is so gorgeous and glamorous - you look like a silent movie siren!

Sherril said...

Really, all very wearable pieces, well except the prison dress. I love the ruffle trimmed jacket so much. I'm also very impressed to read that you dress for the gym twice a day. Wow, that's a lot of working out.

Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

I can't believe how much you sewed, amazing with a full time career. I love that you make so many dresses, your reviews are so helpful.
And I can't wait to see the review for the New Year's gown, you look fantastic in the photo and I LOVE your hair - glamorous!

Karin said...

Your New Year's dress is stunning! I love your hair style with it as well. You look like an actress from the 1930s.
The yellow dress is another favourite of mine.
Happy 2012!

Mary said...

Trena, I am always intrigued by your clothes, and impressed at the workmanship. Thanks for putting the slides together. It was fun to inspect each item and for me, I liked quickly assessing the overall silhouette of each outfit. Good for you for including the prison matron dress! I blog and review my fails as I think they are instructive. Well, and amusing :-) Happy New Year!

Samina said...

Happy New Year! It was fun to scroll through your slide show & see things I'd forgotten you made. I get my sewing done vicariously through you, since I do work & have a small kid.

Rosie said...

You look absolutely lovely in the NYE dress. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a very successful sewing year. I love your sense of style and all the color you use. I also feel the same about what a great sewing community there is online. Good luck with 2012!

Lisette M said...

Well you had another very successful year! Congrats! Can't wait to read the review of the NYE dress, it's stunning!

Vicki said...

What a slideshow! So many garments - I think you had a very busy sewing year :) Love the NYE dress. You look fabulous!

Irene said...

Wonderful slideshow! You've had a wonderful year of accomplishments, and I wish you an even better year in 2012. Ooo - that evening gown looks spectacular!

Lisa said...

What an awesome sewing year you've had . I LOVE that New Years dress , I cannot wait for your post.

Vanessa said...

That New Years Eve dress is stunning! You have had a wonderfully productive sewing year! Thank you for all the inspiration!

Clio said...

Yay 2011! Wow, I like that striped dress. You've been on a roll lately with all the great dresses! Best wishes for 2012!

Anne LO said...

If you don't live with your boyfriend, that takes up a whole lot of time.

Nice review - you still get quite a lot done. :-)

kathy said...

I think you have a great eye for sewing garments that work for you.

Faye Lewis said...

That was a very good year end review. Looking forward to seeing your '12 creations.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Your new dress is fabulous! You had a very productive year. I aspire to just half of your productivity
Happy New Year!

Amber Elayne said...

Your new dress is fabulous as is that gorgeous jacket!

I can't believe how much you've accomplished this year!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, you really rock that 30's vibe. It's a great look for you and what a beautiful gown.

I still think the Prison Matron dress would have looked better with a pegged skirt (what were the designers thinking?). :)

Isn't it funny how the projects we dash off are often the ones that get the most attention? I can see why the beret gets compliments, though.

Congratulations on an extremely productive sewing year, and on getting so much use out of what you made!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- incredible production! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, although I really loved the grey ruffle-y dress with orange accessories. Also the (African?)-print sundress. And your new year's eve/wedding gown is stunning and beautifully accessorized by your pin curls. Bravo for a brilliant sewing year! And loved your legal disclaimer. :) Any chance you'll be coming to Paris this year? Would love to see you!
Karen in Paris

kbenco said...

An impressive year of sewing. I like seeing your best and worst.
You are stunning in your NYE dress.
I would compliment you in that beret too, the colour is gorgeous on you, and maybe berets are less commonly worn than coats? Pity non sewing type people have no idea about workmanship though. Coat makers have my utmost respect.

Gabrielle said...

Wow, your new dress looks really fabulous on you - that is such a great dress, very easy to see why it's your current favourite.

Happy New Year - hope 2012 is another great year for sewing!

PS When you have kids they normally get to bed before you, and you can't go out and leave them in the house unattended - so you have spare time for sewing (and not so much of a social life).

Cennetta said...

Way to go, Trena. You had a spectacular year of sewing. Bravo!

lsaspacey said...

Oops, this reminded me of the Prison Matron dress. I'll have to get on that remake project soon. I'll let you know how it goes,

AllisonC said...

You made a spectacular wardrobe of clothes in 2011 and what a way to end the year. I probably should not have watched the slideshow - I have just mentally added about 30 things to my wishlist!

Loretta said...

I love your outfits and your use of accessories. Really enjoy following your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey I like the silver dress and that ruffle blouse best. The prison matron dress makes me feel so much better about my sewing mistakes.

Joan Crawford needs to be revived as a fashion icon. I want to watch more of her movies but Netflix hardly has any - you know where else to find her movies?