Monday, June 1, 2009

June BWOF Podcast

Cidell and I were so excited about the June BWOF that we had to podcast about it right away. You can listen to the player below, download it here, or catch us on iTunes.

I did a major photo shoot over the weekend--nine different looks--so I have some projects to review in the coming weeks!

In the "you know you're obsessed when..." category, last night I had a dream that I was on vacation with my family. We stopped at a Pucci outlet (????) where they had remnants of fabric. Many of them were small, 1/4 yard or less, but there were a few larger pieces. Even as remnants, they were in the $30+/yard price category, but there was a sign on the table that everything was $1.99/yard. I found a gorgeous white and orange cross-woven silk dupioni with a Pucci border print. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to make with it, but I had to have it. There was also a piece pre-shirred fabric, such as that sold at Joann, but it was silk jersey. There was only 1/4 yard, so no way to make a dress out of it, but I thought maybe if I picked out the elastic shirring I could make some use of it. But when I looked more closely I could see that the fabric was kind of disintegrating and there were tiny holes all over where the shirring was.

I wonder what Freud would make of such dreams.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't graduated to the dreaming about sewing level yet. That's impressive. Too bad it wasn't for real. Those fabrics sounded to die for and I love Pucci prints.

BConky said...

Finding the Pucci print for $1.99 sounds like a wonderful dream. To bad you finished it off with it turning out awful. Better luck on the next dream

Cisa said...

I am also guilty of sewing dreams. One night I apparently was having such a dream and smacked my fiance in the face (in real life, not in the dream). I was apparently making pants, that I was quite pleased with and (in real life) flung out my arms and said, "pants, see? I'm making pants." Such flinging of the arms when you share a bed with someone is not advisable.

Lindsay T said...

Multitasked here at work and listened to your podcast. Love BWOF June too but agree it's on the youthful side (though there are several pieces I want to make for me). The teenagers I have shown this issue LOVE it—it inspires them to want to sew, in fact. I am making that skinny knit tank dress with the hole in the back for my daughter—it's definitely a teen dress.

Even though I live on Long Island, I have no insight into the menage à trois photo shoot. But Burda did manage to capture the whole I'm-so-trendy-I-could-just-die feeling of the Hamptons.

Andrea said...

Just listening to the podcast and stumbled over the "White Massai". I think they mean something else than what you perhaps understood:

There is a book written by a Swiss Lady which is called "Die weiße Massai". She was travelling in Africa where she met a Massai. They got married and she lived for some years in his "village". It was quite hard for her but she only left when her daughter was in danger of being circumsised.
When she came back years later she wrote this book and I guess that nearly every German speaking owner of a TV knows now this expression you did not like.

Wow, long explanation - things are a bit different here :-)

Byrdie said...

You and Cidell are a hoot to listen to! Thank you for the ideas and the entertainment. I just ordered BWOF for the first time today so I can't wait to get me first issue!

LaKaribane said...

I love your podcasts too! And this one is on time with the issue, how cool! I still don't have mine but I am counting the days.

Trena, you must know that I agree COMPLETELY with you re: modèle 116 ruffled flapper-style knit dress. At 5'05", I don't think I want to revisit my 1st communion look! In fact, when I first saw it online, I thought that I might need to remove a flounce or two. Then I thought the straight top wouldn't flatter my hourglass figure.

You have me intrigued by the obi belt. My obsession and I have yet to make even a muslin.

I like what you said about the flower appliqués in 106. They gave flowers in 4/09, I think.

I just love 102/pleated knit, 113/bandeau knit tunic, 129/pleated faux-wrap dress and 126/pleated skirt but I worry a lot about volume.

114 is cute too, I'm thinking of it with 5/09's wide pants for a seersucker suit for my mother.

Above all, I am soo curious to see the lace dress blue and pink, that's got kick. Very much your style, Trena. It's going to rock!

patsijean said...

I don't know what Frued would say about your dream, but Shakespeare would say "Get Thee to a Fabric Shop." I concur

Trudy Callan said...

Sounds like it's time to buy more fabric.

AllisonC said...

I felt a little underwhelmed by the June issue so I will definitely listen to the podcast and see if I can get more enthusiastic about the mag!