Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vintage Pattern Giveaway and Stashaholism Confessional

Vintage Girls' Patterns

So a while back I posted about a big bag of vintage patterns from my friend Courtney's grandmother. The bag contained several darling children's patterns. Although I love sewing for Marvel, I don't see myself getting all elaborate.

So here's your chance to score some vintage girls' patterns!

The bottom three are size 10, the top two are a 14 and a 12, respectively. Here are the measurements for the sizes:

Girls' 10: 28" chest, 24" waist, 30" hip (71 cm/61 cm/76 cm)
Girls' 12: 30/25/32.5 (76 cm/63.5 cm/82.5 cm)
Girls' 14: 32/26/35 (81 cm/66 cm/90 cm)

I just love the little Chanel style jacket on the lower right. And how cute is that double-breasted cropped 3/4 sleeve jacket. And so on trend right now!

-Leave a comment Wednesday or Thursday
-You must have commented sometime within the past 6 months
-I will mail anywhere in the world
-Provide a way for me to contact you. If your profile links to your blog, I can contact you through that. Otherwise, please send your email address to trena_b at h o t m a i l dot com (indicating the name you use to leave comments so I can match email addresses to names). That is my spam email address--not a good way to contact me on a regular basis as I never check it--but I don't want my real email address to fall victim to spambots.

I need to go to the Post Office on Friday to mail my mom's birthday gift, so I'll try to do the quickest giveaway ever! On Friday morning I will randomly choose a name, email the person, and hopefully get their address in time to head to the PO with gift and patterns in hand.


G Street 5-16-09

It was Fashion Sewing Club last Saturday (changed from the usual second Saturday because of Mother's Day, which worked out well for me as I had been in Texas on the Second Saturday). I restrained myself to one piece, an off white poly lace. It is freezing cold in my office so I have to wear sweaters in the summer. Right now that means a ratty, oversized, black, ready to wear cardigan. I plan to make something a littler cuter and more summery out of this. I'm thinking a very simple "Chanel" style sweater. I use quotation marks because it will have no structure or embellishment; the only thing Chanel will be the round neckline and straight/square center front opening (as opposed to the traditional cardigan V).


I desperately need to take photographs! I have several projects finished--including the fixed white high waisted BWOF 03-2009-104 skirt--but I've been all broken out and also busy. I have a nice long 4 day weekend (!!!!!) ahead of me, about which I could not possibly be more excited, so I will work on taking pictures. Even though I will likely still be broken out. I'll have to learn how to use the touchup tool.


Myra said...

Trena, enter me. You know I have girls and sew for them. You know I have commented and how to find me, through the blog or email,

Cisa said...

*drool* vintage childrens patterns! While I have no little girls of my own (yet) I do have a darling neice that I would love to make some of those adorable outfit for, as well as add to my ever growing vintage pattern collection. Enter me please, contact through blog or email
cisakubley @ g mail dot com

jennie said...

Oh I just love love love the illustrations on 5122 there. Also, I'm eager to see how the high waisted skirt came out. I'm intrigued by the pattern.

Claudine said...

Me! Me! Please pick me!

Trudy Callan said...

I have a little girl; so these would be great. I have commented several times in the last six months.

Lindsay T said...

I don't need the patterns, though they are adorable. To answer the question you left on my web site, I got the sew-on jewels at one of the little hole-in-the-walls on W.38th. Pacific Trimming and M&J have them but are way more expensive. What color are you looking for?

Uta said...

How do I love the 7 day wardrobe?! Especially since I adored this kind of classic pleated skirt as a girl. Do we all torture our daughters with childhood nostalgia at some point?! If you want to support this, include me in the draw! My e-mail: little dot el at gmx dot de. And, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures, breakouts or not!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi Trena,
There isn't a little girl currently in my life. Yet, lately I am drawn to little girl's clothing. Saturday, I bought the cutest white on white embroidered dress for $3 at a yard sail. I couldn't pass up the workmanship. These patterns are cute. And I love vintage. Drop my name into the hat, please.

Uta said...

Oh no. Mixed up my own e-mail. This one's correct: little dot el at gmx dot net.

SewMentalMama said...

Please include me! What a dream giveaway - I would love to make any of these for my daughter.
e mail ajtwomey at yahoo dot com

Marita said...

Great vintage patterns, don't want them though, have a few kid's patterns myself and have no actual use for them.

I'm a little late at commenting again, but that prom pic was too great,that dress of yours is very pretty, you look now as nice as you looked back then and your mom too, ain't mothers great?

Hope your father is fine.

Linda said...

Hi: Please enter me for McCalls 5578 or Simplicity 4630; I would love to make either of them for my niece! Have a great day!!

Karen said...

How is it that we all sew, yet all our offices have the same simple, ratty, shapeless black cardigan? A replacement for that is on my to-sew list, as well.