Friday, May 22, 2009

And the Winner Is... Plus More Project Planning

Using the random number generator at, Myra is the winner of the vintage girls' patterns! Very appropriate for someone whose blog name is "Adventures in Baby Sewing."

It is already in the mail, so hopefully it gets there soon! This was fun; I will do it again eventually.


Projects 5-22-09

So in the category of thinking more than sewing, here is my latest project list. I have been keeping a pen and paper list of projects for a couple years, but I am really loving the visual representation of the project list as well. It's a little more exciting.

This is a mix of new fabric and deep stash. The red rayon print for the BWOF raglan sleeve blouse is rescued from a UFO project I finally acknowledged was a huge failure. I've had it for at least 5 years, because I know I moved it into my condo and my five year anniversary is this weekend. The denim and the orange knit are from just a few weeks ago. Everything else is somewhere in between.

Where am I going to start? Who knows. By the time I finished this composite I already had ideas for millions more projects, including the one I finished last night and a purse. Some of these projects are not necessarily planned for right away; the Butterick 5318 is more for early Spring/Fall, and (touch wood) it is FINALLY warm in DC, so I may not get to it until the end of summer. I just wanted to get it down before I forgot!


Projects 4-6-09 But what of the last plan? You might ask.

Ah yes. Well. I have actually completed three items, and have one traced and cut. I am still loving the remaining projects, except my choice of pattern for the yellow eyelet dress, on which I have been waffling for over a year. I saw a girl in an eyelet shirtdress on the street yesterday and loved the look of it. But I think an eyelet shirtdress needs a fuller skirt and I have only 2 yards. I am now on the lookout for a princess seamed sleeveless shirtdress with a notched collar. I haven't actually gone through my pattern stash or anything. Hopefully I have something suitable in there.

So, I still have plans that someday those projects will get done as well. This is a four day weekend for me and I have planned to do little other than sew (aside from some social excursions). I am hoping to get four projects done. Ambitious, I know.


I am meeting a friend for happy hour tonight at Vegetate. If you're in the DC area, you should check it out. It goes until 8 and mini (veggie) burgers are only $3.50 and they are awesome. Definitely the best veggie burgers I've ever had, and as a vegetarian for 17 years I've had many. The last time we met there she took the urban chic pictures of the Tracy Reese dress. I'm going to try to talk her into a repeat performance this evening.


Sara said...

Love these! Especially the one-shoulder dress and the Vogue 2958--can't wait to see them.

Trudy Callan said...

Fun fabrics. I love the plan.

rosesred said...

Love the new plan, the idea of having a visual list is very appealing. think I might do this for every single pattern in my stash, so I'll know what's in there :D. Butt 5079 looks fab in planning, what kind of weight is the knit?

Shannon said...

Yeah, I have a list, too. Sigh... If only there were more hours in a day. I LOVE that red with the flowers- gorgeous and very Asian inspired!

The BWOF dress is on my list, as well as the Simplicity. I can't wait to see yours!

Anonymous said...

These visual lists are such a great idea! I'm definitely going to have to start doing this.

And omg, the lines of the BWOF dress (which I also hope to make eventually) could TOTALLY work to make a Star Trek costume! I could just see it in black for the raglan sleeves and the skirt, and one of the 3 colours for the front bodice. What a sassy female officer that would make!! said...

I love the swirly-do orange knit (and the dress idea for it) and the stripey bustier dress (va-voom!).

I also think the blouse is right up your alley as well.

Fun, fun, fun!

Katharine in Brussels said...

Dreaming--er, planning--is definetly some serious fun. Keep the imagination going! You need it to be creative. Meanwhile, congratulations on finishing so many projects and re-envisioning a UFO from 'deep stash'. I love that term!

Sewfast said...

You are sew organized...I have ideas and fabrics picked out for the ideas, but no map to guide me. I like your style!

Adelaide B said...

I am especially grooving on what you plan to do with Simplicity 2724. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I need to make some more dresses too. I have a zillion patterns, but I always end up making basic tops and skirts instead.

Adelaide B said...

Hey Trena, I was at Joann's today and picked up an extra sweater shaver for $5 (half price.) Let me know on my blog if you want it. (I'll send an email to your hotmail account listed in the previous blog entry if yu do.) (Don't worry if you aren't interested, I'll give it to one of my girlfriends.)

Carol said...

I've been working my winter sewing list, too. It does actually help. It's made me more focussed and I actually have achieved a fair bit. I'm keen to see how you go with the Simplicity dress. I read about it in Threads and it seems a very versatile pattern with a lot of variations included. I'm not brave enough for the one shoulder thing, but I look forward to seeing what you do!

Cindy Lou said...

OMG, I am seeing the Star Trek Uni in that one pattern! Love your choices. And you are always more successful than I am at liberating those garments. I gotta get on the stick or mine will live on unfulfilled.
Hope the Veggie Burgers were good! Ahhhhhh, Urban life.... :)

LaKaribane said...

Just wanted to point out that June 09 of KnipMode has a dress just like your one-shoulder so if you need help, I can send you a scan of the instructions.

Love the plan, ADORE the fabric.

Sigrid said...

Great list, and even if you don't make all in the end, it's a starting point. I already diverted a bit from my list (posted two weeks ago).