Monday, April 13, 2009

Recipes for Fun

Easter Nest

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. It was chilly here, but sunny. I am not religious, but my family is and we have traditions for all the holidays. One of our Easter traditions is what we have for breakfast, which is Easter Nest. Traditionally, there should be one egg for each member of the family, but since I am a family of one I took a little license.

The important thing is that each egg is decorated differently! The nest is decorated with shredded coconut mixed with a drop of green food coloring. For those inexplicable people who don't like coconut, in the past I have substituted sliced almonds colored with a drop of green food coloring.

Easter Nest

Warm over low heat until melted
1/2 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Shortening
1 teaspoon Salt


1 package (2 1/2 teaspoons) Yeast
1/4 Cup warm water

Stir in
1 egg
milk/sugar/shortening mixture

Stir in
3 Cups flour (starting with 2 1/2 and adding more as needed)

Knead until soft, 8-10 minutes.

Let rise in greased bowl until doubled in bulk, about one hour. Punch down and divide into thirds. 2/3 will be the nest and 1/3 the eggs. Let rest 10 minutes. Form nest by dividing dough into thirds, making ropes, and braiding. Form eggs. Arrange on pan, leaving space between eggs and between nest and eggs (otherwise it will be doughy in the middle). Let rise until doubled, about 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 350. Bake 17-23 minutes, until browned.

Glaze with
1 Cup Powdered Sugar
1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla, Lemon Extract*, or Lemon Juice
1-2 Tablespoons Milk

*I make my own lemon extract be zesting lemons to fill a small glass spice jar, pouring vodka over the zest to cover, tightly sealing, and allowing flavors to meld for a month or two. It requires patience but is cheap and high quality.


Name Badges Mary of Sewfast Embroidery really is sew fast! Last Monday I mentioned my project idea and asked if anyone could help me out. Mary immediately volunteered to do me name patches for my twin nephews for free! And look what I got in the mail over the weekend. Aren't they adorable??? When I opened the package I just could not stop giggling at their cuteness. Now I have to come up with some projects!

The sewing world is so friendly and helpful! I got many responses to my request for a favor, including Nicole, Beth Conky's daughter, whose Etsy shop is Cole's Creations.


Little Hunting Creek said...

This looks wonderful! It is on my list to try for the next brunch at my house. Those name tags are sure cute too. What a nice person Mary is!

Lisette M said...

It looks like your Easter breakfast was beautiful as well as delicious, I'll have to try your recipe. Those tags are adorable, I'm sure you'll come up with some cute projects.

Sara said...


I have an unrelated question, and I can't seem to find your email on your page. I live in Arlington and need to take my Singer in for repair. Just curious if you know of anyone/any places in particular that you'd care to recommend. I'm just going by Google at this point. My machine has only been serviced once, but that store closed.

Birgitte said...

That looks so good, and so adorable. Reminds me of the sweet rolls we eat in Norway. And about coconut; how anyone can say they don't like it is beyond me :))

Faye Lewis said...

Did you really make that, it looks delish! About the fashion drawings, you do know that I traced the figured from the book and then drew the clothes on them. It was fun, and not hard at all.

gwensews said...

Your nest looks delish! I can just see it on my hips!

So nice of Mary to embroider name tags for you. What a great community.

Beth Conky said...

Makes me hungry. Looks great.

Sue said...

Yummy! I made a cake for Easter. I had plans to decorate it with a nest of eggs in the centre, etc, however it didn't come out of the tin nicely... so no photo. It still tasted good though, but I think I will stick to sewing for now!

Cole's Corner said...

yummm.... the nest looks tasty!
and thanks so much for mentioning me.

Vicki said...

Cute dress! And yummy looking bread thingy. Not a tradition here. We have hot cross buns. Did you eat it all yourself?????