Friday, September 5, 2008

Aquatica Wardrobe Plan

The Carol Collection is too much fun to play with. I'm having a blast putting things together and dreaming. Here's part of my dreaming:

Aquatica Wardrobe Plan

Same caveat as with the other wardrobe plan--there's no guarantee this will actually get *made* least not on a timely basis. I am actually still plugging away on the larger red and navy wardrobe of which my Paris capsule was just a part; I finished a blouse and skirt last weekend. I don't know that any more of it will get made this year, though, as it's a Spring/Summer wardrobe and for once I'm actually excited about Fall/Winter sewing. Despite my inclination to a leisurely pace involving more dreaming than sewing, I have a conference in October and this capsule would be nice to pack. I'm not following any particular rules here re: number of tops/bottoms/accessories/reversibles/matches/mismatches/etc. It's short on tops--only one--but I have RTW and previously made pieces in my closet that will serve for tops, such as a nice gray V neck sweater rib.

It's built around the plaid in teal and deep green. I just loved the 102 jacket from September's BWOF. I'm not sure I have enough fabric to make it, and if not the whole plan kind of falls apart. I'm hoping I will, if I cut what is supposed to be a self-facing out of the plain teal wool and perhaps crop it a teeny bit more. With my limited fabric, there will be no effort made to match the plaid on the sleeves to anything. This is the downside of BWOF--if it was a Big 4 it would take me twenty minutes to figure out if I have enough fabric. With BWOF, I have to trace out the pattern before I can even start to consider the possibilities, and tracing is enough not-fun that I'm not in a hurry to do it and find out that I actually can't make the jacket and have traced it for nothing.

The most traditional suit element will be the skirt in teal wool, also from this month's BWOF, 09-2008-119. At first I thought I would make the pleat inset out of the plaid, but then I thought that a button-on decorative band in the plaid (using the buttons from Karen!) would be more versatile, allowing the skirt to stand on its own.

You may recall that in my original professional wardrobe plan I had allocated some gray pinstriped wool to the Simplicity 3673 jumper, but sort of lamented that I wanted to use it for a high-waisted pencil skirt with detachable belt. Carol to the rescue! I love the green/white/black wool for the jumper. It kind of reminds me of Junior Mints. And now my gray wool is freed up for the skirt, sometime in the far distant future.

The green (with a slight tinge of yellow--it's the perfect color for me) is a heavy knit. Little Hunting Creek suggested that I turn a knit I recently purchased into BWOF 05-2008-125. The pattern was designed for wovens and I hadn't thought of using a knit. The fabric I had wasn't suitable, but I'm wondering if this is. The thing is, it will need sleeves--I just can't get behind sleeveless for Fall, because I'm always chilly. And I really want also to eke out the skirt from Simplicity 4074 (I've made it once and it's really nice). So again, not sure if there's enough fabric, will have to trace out the pattern to find out, bleah. It may end up being a more simple dress that takes up less fabric; I don't have anything specific in mind.

The dark turquoise is a linen or linen blend. I'm hoping it's not too heavy for BWOF 05-2008-108. I love the color. It doesn't correspond to a particular color in the plaid, but they are in the same color families and look good together.

The shirting will be...a shirt. While I have warmed up to short sleeved blouses, I am not feeling the love for long-sleeved ones. Well, in this case it will have to be 3/4 sleeve--I am not fashiony cool enough to wear a jacket with short sleeves and a shirt with long sleeves sticking out. Though now that I think about it I could be interested in 3/4 sleeves with a turn-up cuff, and turn the cuff up over the bottom of the jacket sleeve. I wouldn't hate that. Suggestions welcome.

Dream on....


-E said...

I think the turned cuff over the jacket sleeve has bulk-potential. How about a long sleeve that buttons the cuff tight up past the wrist, so that the sleeve itself is still 3/4 but you have full arm coverage? I've always liked that look with shorter jacket sleeves- kind of like buttoned white gloves showing from underneath...

kasizzle said...

I'm just drooling over all those gorgeous fabrics. Those look like colors that work for my coloring, also.
Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy the process.

Little Hunting Creek said...

You can put sleeves on a sleeveless pattern - I do it all the time. I borrow a sleeve from another pattern PLUS I also borrow the armhole and lay that over the original pattern and merge them together. Then I know the sleeve will fit perfectly and everybody is happy. I think it will look great with sleeves.

Sewfast said...

Love your wardrobe plan and the colorway will look fabulous on you. I would seriously consider the 3/4 sleeves on the blouse. Would look more professional if you took your jacket off. (We are not allowed to wear short sleeves where I work.) Can't wait to see your progress. Mary

melissa said...

DANGER DANGER! Do not make BWOF 05-2008-108!! Seriously, this pattern is terribly designed and looks awful the second you move and you'll be continuously fussing with it. Both myself and the other sole reviewer on PR had an awful time with it! There's a similar skirt a few months later than cabinbaby made that works a whole lot better, or BurdaStyle also have a tulip skirt that worked well for a bunch of people.

But this one's a complete stinker, and I don't want your pretty fabric to go to waste... :(

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Ooooh, thanks for the warning Melissa. Dang, that's too bad. I'll check out Cabinbaby's skirt. I am tempted still to try 05-2008-108 (and live to regret it) because there's quite a length of that turquoise linen and I'm not the type to make a solid color linen dress so I can experiment some. Hm. Will consider.