Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stashoholism Confessional and Random Projects

I am working on a Mondrian Dress and it is going to be SO CUTE. Except my stomach might be too big for it. And my butt. (Note: the problem is not that I made the dress too small.) I bought 5 yards of ribbon for it and wanted to add just 8 more inches. I could have lived without it, but I would always have regretted those 8 inches. I had a baby shower to go to on Sunday in the far wilds of Maryland, so I got dropped at a Red line station on the way back and metroed out to White Flint so I could hit up the G Street. I walked through the store chanting, "Only ribbon, only ribbon, only ribbon, and maybe a zipper" but of course they put the $2.97/yd table right at the entrance to ribbons and trims so I couldn't help but glance at it and then get drawn irresistably toward it.

I didn't do *so* horribly, though I fear the green knit print was a mistake. I love the motif and I like the colors, but I think the motif is too small and won't read as anything but stripes from a distance. For some reason, I don't wear a lot by way of stripes. I don't know why. So I feel weird when I do wear them.


I have BWOF 06-2008-128 in mind for the satin version of the print on the left. The hemline looks fairly straight to take advantage of the border print, and the drape of poly satin will work well with the style. Yes, I bought poly. The sheer will be part of the awesome Halloween costumes Cidell and I are making. Are you ready? Wait for it, wait for it, are you ready? Retro Air Hostesses. OMG we will be so cute.

I bought the green print to be a winter work top, even though I don't wear print tops I made one recently that makes me think it can be done, with the right print and the right pattern. But now I think it might need to be a dress. Perhaps the Tippi Hedren Dress from BWOF 02-2008-103? But I kind of have the aqua and white floral from this post in mind for that dress and I don't know as I'll want two.

The purple print I just loved (though after washing it I discovered there are ink stains all along one side about 4 inches in from the selvage; they are not too noticeable with the busy print, and it was $2.97/yd, but still). I have no ideas. It's a rayon, judging by the way it felt wet, and drapes like a cotton jersey. I never have enough patterns for knits and now that I don't have access to a Joann for cheap patterns I'm not sure what to do! Anyone have any dress suggestions for this fabric?


I also ordered, a while back, another yard and a half of yellow stretch twill from Fashion Fabrics Club, which has already been turned into this shrug (with bonus sneak peek at maxi dress). I am going to rant a little bit about FFC. When I made my order, ITY knits were on sale so I ordered some to bring me up to five yards, because there's no point in paying shipping for more yards than you ordered and it's flat rate up to five yards. First of all, they took an entire week to process my order. Second of all, by the time they processed my order all the knits I had ordered were out of stock. Which is annoying; is a reasonably real-time inventory count on the website too much to ask? The week delay makes me feel that they didn't process the orders in the sequence they were made so I could have lost out to someone who placed their order after me, but I'm willing to believe they were swamped and that didn't happen. But what is even more annoying is that they did not notify me that the knits were out of stock, just shipped my order with only the twill at the full five yard shipping price. Had I known the knits were gone I probably would have ordered a few yards of basics. So not only did they make me mad and waste my shipping money, they lost some sales. But the shrug is supercute.



My next pattern review will be for McCall 5426. I got the fabric in My Tho, Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. I didn't bargain for this one; I was with my work colleagues and our translator arranged the purchase for me (you can read about it here). How much do we love the orange shoes? I was lusting after them on 6pm.com for months and finally had to give in.

Puffy Sleeves


Nancy (nanflan) said...

I thought fabric.com was the one that was with Amazon. FFC is too? News to me.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oops! I should do some research before getting all self-righteous. I'll edit.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Retro Air Hostesses for Halloween! GENIUS.
I hate paying shipping when I don't have to; IMHO they should have called you and given you a chance to amend your order. Bah Humbug to them! But on the other hand, the blouse looks great with the orange shoes.

Sheri said...

You look too cute! I love your daring style. You are adventurous in your choices, and they work for you.

Dana said...

Great outfits and fabric!

I hear ya, about FFC. I'm stewing because last Tues. I ordered 1/8 yd. samples (to match colors). Since I didn't hear from them right away, I sent out an email on Friday and was told that yesterday the order was on the table and they'd tell me when it would be shipped...no word from them today! I'm convinced the fabric will be sold out when/if I ever get the samples. So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I love orange! Super cute top. cindy

merel said...

I love that shrug!! What pattern is it?

I think the green knit would look great as the Tippi Hedren dress, and that the floral wants to be this...

Anonymous said...

The shrug is adorable; I think it really works with the maxi on you!! Stylish and fun!! Linda

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Merel, the shrug pattern is New Look 6657. I'll add that to the post. It's really sensational.

I like your suggestion for the floral. That pattern is a tall, and considering I'm 5'1.5" I ignored it completely. But I bet I could alter it to fit without *too* much trouble.

Tiger Feet said...

He he... I'm so weirdly geeked that you used my name for the twist front dress aka "Tippi Hendren."

I feel famous!

Make it, I've made four so far, though the original gray model shrunk in the wash (duh) and is now unwearable... I get more complements on them than on anything else.

Love your site... so much fun to read... and your ideas for fabric and pattern are great!


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

I luurrve the maxi dress and shrug combo. Your style is inspiring. If you ever need patterns sent to you, let me know. I live around the corner from Joann's


Little Hunting Creek said...

are you sure that your fabric doesn't want to be 05-2008-125? My daughter the fashionista loves that one the best. It looks like it would suit your petite frame and it has a 60's feel to it.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oh, I looooove 05-2008-125. I'm not sure how well that structure would stand up to a stretch knit, though. Hmmm. If I don't have enough of the green for the Tippi Hedren dress maybe I'll try it. I'll definitely be making 05-2008-125 someday though.

Jamie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had issues with FFC/Denver Fabrics. I ordered some of that Burberry raincoat fabric and after charging my credit card and 2 weeks, I got a call saying it was out of stock. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't process orders in the order they are received.

Katharine in Brussels said...

Psst, this Burda Style dress reminded me of Retro Flight Attendants!
Forgot how to hyperlink in HTML :p