Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mailbox Squee

My debit card got demagnetized when I was in France or shortly thereafter so I have no access to cash for over a month. I called 2 1/2 weeks ago to get a replacement and it still hasn't come. Every day I run to the mailbox hoping today is the day, but so far no luck (so I'm going to have to call again and they're going to cancel the old card and make me get a new one and they assign you a PIN that you just have to memorize so I'll have to learn a whole new PIN and I'll have another two week wait).

Anyway, when I checked the mail Friday I didn't have a new debit card but I did have a mysterious package. I thought I might recognize the return address so I didn't fear anthrax and very curiously opened it up.

What to my wondering eyes did appear but...a Patrones! And a lovely card from Lisette of La Cubanita Cose.

Patrones Joven 05/2006

She said the Joven edition was a little too joven for her, and hoped I would enjoy it. Claro que si! I love Patrones, as you know, and only have a few of them. This one definitely has a young vibe, with lots of fun little patterns for a hot summer day at the beach. Now I need to plan a beach vacation....

Here are a few of my favorites:

Some of the Great Patterns

I love the sleeves on the dress, the concept of a wrap halter, the classic tunic (I don't have a pattern for one, believe it or not), and playing with stripes on the skirt.

A big thank you to Lisette for the wonderful and unexpected gift! Now I have new bedtime reading.


Isabelle said...

Adorable gift from Lisette! The wrap halter top is brilliant.

Bummer about the debit card :(

Little Hunting Creek said...

Wow - what a great gift! I feel your pin about the debit card, so inconvenient. Maybe it will be in the mail today. I love those sleeves too. Have a great day! Kathleen

melissa said...

ooh which month was this? The boy's parents managed to find me a copy while they were in Spain a few weeks ago but I haven't been over there to collect it yet! Like you, I only have very few issues and each are cherished!!