Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Podcast!

Cidell and I finally had the chance to do a podcast! We were behind on BWOF issues, so in this one we discuss both June and the July issue we got today. I am always hoping to get mine a day early so I can gloat, but it rarely happens. `-) The projects I discussed are McCall 5246 and Vogue 8386, pictures to come...eventually. You can download the podcast to your mp3 player for portability here.


Did you notice my new tag cloud? I love it! Way back in the beginning days of the internet I actually knew enough html to code simple web pages. The code has gotten a lot more complicated, but a generous cybercitizen has done the coding for you. The directions are easy to follow and worked on the first try. He even tells you how to do custom colors!


In the podcast I reveal the reason I wasn't at the Baltimore meetup--I was hanging out with other internet friends. They are also crafty but not all of them sew, so I did a little lesson on how to make a simple skirt. Amber documented the process in photos and made up a great post for her blog. Check it out!


Jill B said...

I'm with you about the HTML. I feel like a dunce now, and have been wanting to add in a cool cloud like yours. I'm re-inspired to figure it out (find a code) when I have time (some day in the future).

renee/cidell said...

I remember making websites with simple HTML code back in the early 90s. Ahhh, those were the days. I too want a tag cloud. But, I'm just going to ask you to log in to my account and do it for me :) No, seriously, can you just log into my account and do it for me?

Little Hunting Creek said...

I'm with Cidell, maybe we can barter with you to do our cloud tag programming- bribe you with handsewing :)
I loved the podcast.
Have a great day!

Amber said...

"Don't I deserve a human stepladder of my own?" hahahah. I know, right?!

And Cidell pretty much logically proved that you are in fact a hipster.

I hope you guys do this again!!!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the tute and I really want to know if You made that cute dress!!!

Actually, I'm thinking of cutting out Burda WOF 2/07 mod 126 and I'm wondering if I can just put a little loop to hold the bust area. So I'm curious about your dess

Anonymous said...

Ok, sorry, click happy there. Where was I? Oh, the dress. It's Empire waisted and the bust is gathered vertically to create a cute sweetheart effect. Did you gather the top of your dress? (And what's the pattern no, LOL, or is it RTW?)

lakaribane, enquiring sewist

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Yes, I did make the dress! It was my 4th of July dress several years ago from perennially popular McCall 4444. I made it before I joined PR so I've not reviewed it. I made piping for under the bust to bring in the contrast fabric, as well as along the top (View B) and the loop that makes it a sweetheart (Views A/B).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info!!!