Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCall 5577 Jumper

Since I am so behind on photos and hate taking them so much, I am trying to combine project photos with travel. When I was going to NYC over the weekend for Mermaid Parade, I wore my new McCall 5577 jumper on the bus, and had my friend take photos of me at the giant button.


They're not the best, clearest pictures but at least they're done! I kind of love this little number. I bought the Ikea fabric last year sometime and have been looking for just the right project. Which is kind of ridiculous, because it's from Ikea for heaven's sake! It was more expensive than I thought it would be though, around $5/yd. It being Ikea I thought everything would be $2 and $3. I have another one that is similar circles but more widely spaced; it is still looking for a pattern, something with a little fullness because otherwise the circles will look too lonely because there will be only a few of them.

I was hoping I could wear this to work, but I'm not so sure. To get it to look right I had to hem it pretty short (though I accidentally wore a short skirt to work yesterday--it kept riding up and nothing I did kept it down--so I suppose that barrier is broken). Also, I mean, it is a little child-like (I refuse to use "childish"). However, I think for Fall with a 3/4 sleeve tee and bright colored tights I'll probably be wearing it to work anyway! Maybe for Summer it will just be play clothes.

What's slapdash, easier to see in a closeup shot*, is the little bubble at the right front yoke (right when I'm wearing it, left when you're looking at it--even though I interfaced the outer yoke) and that despite my best efforts, ripping it out once, and sewing from the center outward in each direction, the center circle motif is not at the exact center of the yoke. I'm frustrated about that. All photos are here, and the pattern review is here.

*It's not really a closeup, I just cropped the picture. It's a little pixielated and low quality because it was dusk and there wasn't really enough light, but you can see well enough.


laura said...

I love the style and the print but I shy away from Big 4 patterns with pleats because as a short person I end up looking like a clown! BUT, I you're not much taller than me and that looks so cute on you!! Certainly not childish; whimsical would be a good term!

Lisette M said...

This is very summery. I think orange looks great on you, and of course the buttons go perfectly with it.

Isabelle said...

What a fun dress! Laura is right, whimsical is what it is. The fabric is adorable and you do pull orange very well!

I'm with you reg. pictures. I keep begging Seb or my family to take pictures in situation. They are so much fun, and less contrived. Seb is here today and I've been hatching a little plan in case we go out for a walk tonight...

Emily said...

Ok, I offically am in love with this pattern now. I think I'm going to make mine up in some blue linen or something and accent with white. and, mine will definitely be play clothes. :)