Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stashoholism Confessional: I Give Up

So I *thought* that having to confess all my fabric purchases on here would slow down my fabric buying this year. Not so much. According to my rough tally on PR, I'm currently over 150 yards bought for the year, with 75 yards sewn. Now, I don't increase the yards sewn until I do the review and there are at least 15 yards, if not more, worth of finished projects waiting for reviews, but that's still nowhere near parity. I think the first step is admitting I am powerless against my addiction?

Anyway, I had the car last weekend, it was Fashion Sewing Club at G Street and Joann was having a big sale (but when aren't they?).

My G Street haul:


The only thing I really intended to buy from the fabric stores was some camel colored wool to make the BurdaStyle Kasia skirt and something to make my nephew a king dress up robe out of. G Street was also having a sale, so I scored the perfect camel colored wool for under $10/yd, and of course could not resist browsing the $2.97/yd table. The striped fabric is a really nice shirting and I'm thinking I've finally found the right fabric for that BWOF pleated sleeve blouse, 12-2007-117. The plaid is a stretch rayon and it was just too nice to leave behind. No idea what I'll do with it. I already have a couple of plaid dresses, but one more can't hurt?


Then I went to Joann. Now, normally this is zero problem for me. Their fabric is pure fug. There is not a natural fiber, fashionable color, stretch *anything*, or trendy print to be found in the entire store. I go in for patterns on sale and notions and don't even look at the fabric. I hadn't found anything great for my nephew's king robe on the $2.97 table, so I scanned the aisles in Joann, thinking I'd use crushed stretch velvet. For some reason, this time it appeared they have stepped up their game, in however minute an increment.

First, I found some wools. Wool! Like actual wool, not wool from the rare endangered Acryliquous ickious beast. Insane! I fell in love with the olive plaid on the left (the lighting is not good in the pic), which can be worn with orange, red, pink, or teal. On sale, it was $10/yd. Although it's wool it's not great quality--rather a loose weave--and I hemmed and hawed, but finally decided that I should support Joann's decision to carry any fashionable, natural fabrics for the sake of my sisters who have no choice but Joann. I'm altruistic, what can I say.

Then I found some rayon knits. Knits! In rayon! At Joann! I loved this olive color (I'm in rather an olive mood lately, witness yesterday's Disastrous Velvet Skirt).

Baby It's ColdThe best thing I could find for the king robe was some purple moleskin. I'll trim it with some bits of fur left from my crazy Down With Love project/purple faux fur swing coat of a couple years ago. And while I was looking at the purple I was totally taken with the subtly metallic winter white. I have no idea but it just drew me. Several months ago one of the women in Fashion Sewing Club wore in a jacket she'd made of Vogue 1052, an Issey Miyake design. It is baggy and unappealing on the envelope but it looked really great in person and I've been thinking about it for a while. I don't know, though; that envelope view is totally not interesting to me. I think the FSC sewist narrowed the ruffles and fitted it more. Anyway, maybe a lightweight jacket? It would also be great as a fitted skirt because it has a little stretch.

Aaaand then when I came home I ordered more solid rayon jerseys from FFC, along with one yard of ITY print for a casual winter top and some silk/cotton. I don't have to count those until they arrive, though.

So how do I get this under control for 2009?


Anonymous said...

LOL I have a quick and easy solution: Let me come over and "shop".

As to a serious note, come live where I do. It's really easy. I have some in stash that was donated, but as to actual purchases last year, I think I bought around 30 yards, and I've used about 5. 3 of which was bought for stash (Transformer fabric for my son to hold on to until he's old enough it's cool again) and the rest...well where I live the fabric choices are awful and I don't buy alot. Outside of moving, letting me have it, you can try SWAP or going out with cash and limiting yourself to that amount of money for purchases to curb it.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

It's hard, isn't it? My nemesis is FabricMart, specifically the cool stuff they swatch in the bag stuffers. Maybe I need to do a second round of clean up and get rid of the dead stock that I'll never do anything with.

Anonymous said...

well, i think, you can justify your spending because you do a ton of sewing! i am no help.

i have the vogue jacket pattern in my stash. i was told that it is tricky so i have been waiting for a lull in my life! maybe you should make it

Jill B said...

I have that exact wool from Joann's from a trip near a Joann's this fall (I went in looking for flannel for Christmas present sleep-pants and came out with, well, a lot more). We have Hancock here, so the difference in prints/patterns was noticeable and I was a little impractical about it. Of course, I've not even sewn up the flannel pants yet, but this weekend (or I have to figure out how to gift something else).

Sally said...

Oh lord, if you find out, let me know!!!

I have resolved not to buy fabric in 2009 (right) and now am feeling a horrible need to shop before the deadline. I've filled a cart at FabricMart twice. Plus Fabric Shack.

Not that I don't have the biggest stash on the block to pick from - two full closets, plus five plastic LARGE bins full. And some plastic bags sitting with unwashed fabric. Too much for one person really. And back in June, I got rid of tons of fabric by donating to our YWCA's quilting classe - I mean garbage bags full.

STOP ME BEFORE I SHOP AGAIN!! (oh I love that aqua silk at Fabric Mart)

cidell said...

I'm currently trying not to buy more tie silk from Fabric Mart. Trying.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I know all about your problem. I did a blog confessional about being in Fabric Rehab and I tell you it is HARD. I have not purchased ANY Fabric since Mar 2008. This does not stop me from looking all the time, but my kids said I could not go for a year without buying fabric, so it's a battle of wills. I said that it would be EASY - I lied, it isn't easy but I will NOT give in. I have til March :) said...

I just cleaned up my sewing room and have tossed a few pieces that I purchased from the clearance tables that just need to go.

I'm just getting into sewing clothing, so my stash isn't terrible huge yet.

My problem is that I am drawn to bright colours, but I have no neutrals.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Oh why try to resist?! Think of it this way...the economy is really suffering right now especially retailers. Do we really want our fabric retailers to go away? NOOOOO! So I say shop and shop proudly!!! *LOL*

Plus if you stop shopping at the $2.97 table at GStreet, how will I get a fix!?!

Katharine in Brussels said...

DH threw out 90% of my stash last fall while I was on business in Asia. A few unprintable words, some serious regrets, and overall I actually feel better that my stash is under control now. I have under 20m on hand, compared to 4-5 boxes before. Weird... Your sewing karma must be ready to take a turn for the better. Good luck!