Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

I avoid subjects political and controversial on this blog, so I apologize for bending that rule today.

I believe that we have witnessed the most exciting day of our generation. When I went to vote yesterday I was looking forward to doing my civic duty, blah blah blah. I've voted hundreds (or at least dozens) of times before so I was more focused on what I was going to bring to my neighbor's potluck dinner for watching the Comedy Central election coverage than on the ballot. After all, I already knew how I was going to vote and it was just a matter of filling in the bubble.

Until I got into the booth. I had no idea how *special* it would feel to vote for the first African-American president of the United States. I don't think I've ever felt that way while voting (though voting for Clinton's second term was close). I came out walking on a cloud and with a huge grin on my face.

Not that Obama is *just* the first African-American president. He is a consummate orator, a man of measured reason, and truly wishes to heal the partisan schisms that have made us almost into two countries. Having lived in both countries (Texas/Louisiana and California/DC), I can assure you that we are one nation, indivisible.

My neighbor and I were not wedded to one station's coverage and when NBC wouldn't shut up as Obama and his family took the stage we flipped until we found a network that was just letting us enjoy their victory lap. It happened to be Fox News. There was no commentary during his speech and the commentary afterward was extraordinary--beautiful, poetic, and carrying Obama's message of healing to the disappointed viewers of one of the most conservative media outlets in America. K and I said to each other, "I can't believe Fox News just made me cry!"

It was an amazing night. I have been practicing denial about the election because every time I thought about it I got sick to my stomach. Last night it was time to face the music. It was beautiful music for me, and though I know it may be difficult for those who supported the loyal opposition I thought McCain's concession speech was gracious and commendable, and Obama's pledge to be everyone's president was reassuring (after all, my family is strongly partisan for the loyal opposition and I don't wish my happiness to be their oppression).

I have been leaking tears of incredulous elation since Jon Stewart announced, at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time, that Barack Obama is the next president of the United States. I'm sure they'll stop at some point, but for now I am enjoying the the hope that is filling me so full that it's welling out through my tear ducts.

What an exciting day.

I just thought to add something sewing related to make this somewhat relevant:

So which American designer do you think Michelle Obama will choose? I think it's going to be someone exciting, interesting, and fresh. I can't wait!!!!!! I assume we'll find out when her inaugural ball dress debuts.

(And to be bipartisan, while I think Cindy McCain's highly polished, high fashion look was perhaps not most apt for this campaign, I love her style, think she's gorgeous, and always enjoyed seeing what she had on.)


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Trena you have expressed my sentiments so eloquently. I have been teary eyed all night and this morning. This monumental event has touched me at a level so deep, I can't express it. Thnak you for voting.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better. And I wish I could have seen Jon Stewart announce it! (I don't have cable and that's one of the shows I've been really missing.) I also have a lot of friends who will be disappointed but I think this result is going to be positive for all of us.

melissa said...

Trena, I couldn't agree more.

Today was the first day in my entire life that I'm actually proud to say I'm an American.

And I can't wait to see The Daily Show's coverage tonight (we get it rebroadcast here a day late!)!!

Sigrid said...

As an European it was not "my" election, but I assure you that it is felt here quite the same. We looked television till late with all the pictures from long lines at the polling stations and people being so happy to vote. It's a historical day, at which the alarmclock was set at 5 am in our house to hear whether the predictions of the outcome were right. It somehow feels the world has become a bit different with this choice for the new American president. I personally hope he has more insight in world matters than the current president.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

As for designers, though I love Oscar, I don' think he'll be suitable for Michelle. I see her in something sleek and feminine without a lot of geegaws and doodads. maybe Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Donna Karan. Even Isaac Mizrahi. But perhaps Maria Pinto has already designed something.

elbereth said...

Oh I'm so happy to read that I'm not the only one having the problem with tears over this! My boyfriend was teasing me until he finally welled up at 11 & thanked me for sending his voter reg. off (from a recent apt move). Really great, exciting times. Makes me feel proud & ready to take on some of the pain that always comes with growth & change. Just so hopeful!***
I'll bet that Michelle will go with Maria Pinto to keep it local but I'd love to see her in any of the top designers as she carries herself so beautifully, I think.

Peg said...

While I read your blog regularly and always enjoy it, this will be my first time to comment.

Thank you for your heart felt eloquent remarks. I concur with every word! I'm a 62 year old grandma of 6 in the midwest and I've been crying tears of joy ever since it was announced that Obama is indeed our President-Elect. I attended my first ever political rally last Saturday night and heard him speak in person and came away even more hopeful for our country.

Thank you for your post today!

Little Hunting Creek said...

I was embarassing my daughter because I was teary eyed after we voted. She is only 23, so to her of course we would elect an African American, this is AMERICA, Mom!
Since I have very clear memories of the Civil Right Movement of the 60's, I can recall quite vividly when it wasn't so, so I am grateful that we have all come so far. And now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. This time the good guys won :)

Emily said...

Nicely written, Trena. :) I have talked to so many people today who feel the same way. Very exciting time!

Sewfast said...

My sentiments exactly Trena! I was streaming the election coverage on my computer in my office at work and I started to cry when I heard the newsman announce "There will be children in the White House again". I was so happy I got up from my desk and danced! I am overwhelmed with a sense of relief and hope! Mary

narcissaqtpie said...

Wow. Just wow. That sums it up. I can't stop saying it (or crying)!! Great post!

maer said...

Great post! It will be nice to have an intelligent person as our leader!!

Sharon said...

Hi Trena!
Thank you for your words and acknowledging this moment. I always love coming to your blog for your humor and insight. I really have been walking on a cloud all day!

Michelle looks good in everything she wears! I would say maybe Oscar or Michael Kors.

Anonymous said...

You expressed my feelings exactly and thank you for bending your blog rules and posting this.

What a country!

Mermie in Omaha, NE

a little sewing on the side said...

what a great post. I enjoyed reading every word.

Still feels good, too :)