Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Much to Show Off!

I have tons of acquisitions to share!

Last Thursday I valiantly trooped my suitcase to work after one night in my own bed and headed to Baltimore after hitting the gym for my one workout for the week. Cidell and I had cake, podcasted, and divided up our tie silks. It was some tough negotiating. Tears were shed, and maybe some blood. I'm pleased with what I ended up with (and Cidell isn't complaining too loudly so I think we'll survive); my favorites are the bright stripes on the far end and the multicolored stripes with wide blue-gray bands.

One of these will be worked into a vest. I wasn't really feeling anything as the body of the vest--I'd feel like a casino dealer--but hit upon the idea of using one as the back of the vest with the front a sober wool. Love it! Cidell was going to use the wine corks as practice fabric because it is hideous; when she described it to me on the phone I was expecting little wine corks that you couldn't see except really close up that would just look like a geometric design from afar, like you sometimes see with golf clubs or whatever. Boy was I wrong. I pointed out it'd make great wine gift bags and she agreed but said she'd never do it. I need to get some maroon serger thread and get cranking.

Tie Silk 11-08

I also got some buttons; they weren't too interesting. You can see them on Cidell's blog.

Cidell very generously loaned me a bunch of copies of Knip Mode, as well as a serger book and a book on hats (yay hats!). Among the Knip Modes is the April issue with the fabulous gather front tee Melissa has made her own. Can't wait to make it! There is all kind of great stuff in there. Knip Mode does fantastic skirts, the one area in which I feel BWOF is a bit deficient. She also loaned me a Patrones, which I realize isn't in the picture because it's on my bed as nighttime reading.

Loans from Cidell


Then we were off to Philly where we hit Jomar first. It's a good idea to go while you're still fresh! There's so much there and it's, ahem, not light-flooded gorgeously maintained high end shopping experience. Which is how they keep the prices low so I'm not complaining! I ended up with a ton (if not a ton at least 10 pounds) of fabric for under $50.

The purple wool called to me. I tried to ignore it but couldn't. The texture was a bit like felt and when I got it home I decided to see if I could full or felt it further. I put it in the wash and geez it stank! It had some kind of really horrible sizing in it. I had to wash it twice. It didn't shrink much but it became a little floppy. I'd call it wool fleece, if there is such a thing. I don't regret taking out that sizing because the off-gassing probably would have killed me. There's a coat in the Patrones from Cidell that I'm thinking will be good with this less structured fabric. The purple print is a rayon I'll use for lining the coat. The wool on the left is really high quality and was on the clearance table as a 2.5 yard bundle at $6.50!

And if you saw the exquisitely gorgeous lace dress recently made by Claudine of Couture Details you know why I was inspired to buy that navy lace. I asked for three yards but somehow ended up with five? That's a lot of lace. The selvage is only finished on one edge and it's 60" wide, so I'm wondering if it was a super wide home dec and the roll got chopped or something? I don't know. I just like the geometric pattern and that it's navy instead of black. I feel like that mitigates or counterbalances the frippery of lace to create an interesting contrast.

Jomar 11-08

We headed off to fabric row, but as I was already way too laden to comfortably get my suitcase home as it was I refrained. By the time I got home I felt like I'd done nothing but carry my suitcase up and down stairs for a solid week (Paris Metro has very few escalators, FYI, and I live in a third floor walkup) and was very glad I hadn't bought more than I did.

But! That still wasn't all. We gathered in Karen's FABULOUS Victorian with all its little nooks and crannies and non-square rooms and moldings and amazing details everywhere and she gave me *another* hat book (I think I get to keep this one, Karen?) and loaned me an issue of Ottobre Woman. I'm really excited about both, and particularly the hat book as From the Neck Up had been recommended by several people when I was researching millinery. I've already read several of the chapters and found it most educational.

From Karen


And speaking of my recent millinery obsession, my hat block has arrived but it's still at work because it's HEAVY and I don't have a great way to carry it home. My neighbor is letting me use his car this week so I think I will bring it home by car. I was able to carry home the wool felt hoods I ordered from Hats by Leko. I'm sure you can guess that the fuschia one is my favorite! I can't wait to get started!!!!!


Finally, I know this is a long post but I hope you're still reading because I've saved the best for last. You might have seen an a-mazing brocade shift and jacket combo straight from Jackie O's closet on Riange Creation's blog. I was out of the country when she posted it so I missed the original post BUT!!!!! She emailed me and asked me if I wanted it!!!!!! OMG the word yes could not come out of my mouth fast enough.

And it is PERFECT. It's in amazing shape and the fabric and details are just exquisite. The fit is almost to a T on me, I just need to take it in at the waist a little. This is the kind of vintage find people dream of and Riange gave it to me just like that. Thank you so much! I adore, adore it. Here are a few pics, and don't miss them all here.

I had too much fun being Jackie. The suit is from the DC area. I have no idea how to date it, but I am going to believe there's a possibility it came from the closet of Mrs. Kennedy-Onassis herself, hence me practicing the First Lady wave. I told my boss I need a speaking engagement ASAP so I can wear this to it.


Believe it or not, I have actually been sewing. You wouldn't know it based on the last time I posted a project. I made a very practical item from the Ottobre woman that I'll try to show off tomorrow.


AllisonC said...

What a fantastic haul of stuff! And you're right you did save the best till last, the outfit looks wonderful on you - how generous of Riange to give it to you.

Sue said...

Wow - you lucky girl - love that dress/coat combo, you would give Jackie o a run for her money!

Claudine said...

Amazing suit! Have fun wearing it. And thanks for linking to me.

Little Hunting Creek said...

You look REGAL in your new suit. Great wave - you could be a Princess. And what great fabrics you found! I clearly need to go to Philadelphia.

cidell said...

Wow. That's an amazing looking dress. I am jealous. I say that a lot here don't I?

Lindsay T said...

That is the most fabulous outfit on you! I am getting a strong Palm Springs in the '60s vibe from it. Did you see the Palm Springs episodes on "Mad Men" this season? That's what I mean.

P.S. My blog is still alive, though until Blogger switches it over to lindsaytsews.com, it can only be reached by adding "blogspot.com" to the url.

Kathleen C. said...

From the Neck Up is (in my opinion) the best book ever on millinery. An excellent gift! (although if your friend does want it back it has been recently re-released... maybe you can still get it?)
Also... LOVE the shift and jacket combo. Wow! And a perfect fit!

Vicki said...

How stunning is that outfit!? Just love the coat and dress combo. Lucky you :)

Dana said...

Beautiful suit! Looks like it was made just for you!

Karen said...

You'll definitely get more use out of that book than I will - I'm not a hat-wearer, though I would probably waste inordinate amounts of time constructing Victorian monstrosities (the millinery version of my house?) for which I have no earthly use.

Don't be too surprised about the length of your lace - some of what I bought is much more than I asked for as well. They seem to overcut a lot, not that I'm complaining.

And that Jackie O outfit made me drool on my keyboard. Too perfect on you.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Sorry I am just getting around to responding to your post. Wow! The outfit looks fantastic on you. The fit is just about perfect. I am glad you will be able to enjoy it.

Katharine in Brussels said...

Hi Slapdash, isn't this the cutest yet edgy 1950s-inspired jumpsuit? Yet it's sleeveless in November in Helsink--it must have been an indoor event. http://www.hel-looks.com/?p=image/archives/1/20081207_01/

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is a cool jumpsuit, Katharine. Thanks for the link! I enjoy the Scandinavian fashion style though it's not usually things I would wear. Perhaps it's my Danish heritage.