Saturday, June 9, 2007

Patrones 252, #53 Calvin Klein Dress

Let's play: What's slapdash about this project?

You can read what's not slapdash about this project on Pattern Review. This is where I lift up the hems and reveal the dirty secrets.

Speaking of hems, that's what's slapdash about this project. I knew I didn't want a stitched hem because it would be too obtrusive. I was hoping for a raw edge hem--this is a knit, after all. But I can't cut straight, especially on bias cut fabric with dull scissors. I really need to get them sharpened. But that would be so un-slapdash of me. The problem is I don't know where to go to get it done, except occasionally Joann has someone come in and do it. But I'd have to leave my scissors there (the person, naturally, is not there on the weekend when people who, say, have a job can come) and I don't think I can live without them for a week.

Annnnyway, after a lot of patient chopping I realized the raw edge was never going to work. In the chopping there was a little, um, unevenness created. I decided I actually liked the top being shorter than the lining. Much of being slapdash involves labeling a mistake a "design feature" and calling it a day.

To finally make the hem I resorted to the ultimate in slapdash: fusible web. Even I hate resorting to fusible web because it says "I give up" in the biggest possible way. But hey, the hem doesn't look half bad!

This is also slapdash in that the back lining is cut on the grain, while the front, front lining, and back are bias. I didn't have enough! And this is a knit, fer crying out loud. Bias knit? Those crazy Spaniards and their incredibly awesome pattern magazines.


dawn said...

When I sew for myself, I'm usually slapdash too. Unless it's something that I intend to savor the process with like a special dress or tailored jacket. Most things, I throw together just to get some fun, fast sewing out of my system.

The pink dress is beautiful on you! do you have a narrow hemming foot? You need one! You could've sewn up that hem in minutes with no pressing or pinning. could also serge it or zigzag roll it. See? I'm a master at slapdash!

How bout a rotary cutter and mat? When you are going to cut a hem to leave "raw" nothing beats a rotary cutter for evenness. And it's fast and easier on your hands than scissors. I rarely cut anything with scissors, actually. I even use a rotary (a different one) to cut out patterns.

Hope you don't mind me mentally spending your money....LOL!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Hee, I mentally spend my money all the time! I actually tried cutting with a rotary cutter but no dice. I don't have a serger. :( I have a rolled hem foot that I lurve, but I don't think I could have rolled a hem into this knit without stretching it and then I'd have a curly hem. Obviously, we think the same way because we came up with the same solutions!

cidell said...

I know you don't believe me, but I am very very slapdash. But, it's the blogging that's made me a little better. Notice that I never show people the actual construction.

narcissaqtpie said...

Slapdash! I like that! I knew there was a name for my kinda sewing. I called it bootleg previously. I think I would have left the edges all jagged and hoped noone noticed.

Beautiful dress by the way!