Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Philosophy

I am proudly a slapdash sewist. I think it stems back to my childhood. My dad was yellling at me and my sister about having our clothes strewn all over the floor. He told us about a girl he went to high school with who didn't have much money or many clothes, but the few clothes she did have were quality and she cared for them very well and she always looked classy yadda yadda. I told him I'd rather have a bunch of cheap clothes than a few nice ones.

I sew more in quantity than in quality. Sometimes I think I should care more about getting the exquisite details right. But I kind of don't. I'd rather take the 10% chance that it won't come out right than cut my volume in half by muslining every project.

In Tim Gunn's new book, A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style, he explains the origin of his catch-phrase "Make it work." He was disturbed, he said, by seeing so many of the fashion students scrapping a project when it didn't go as they wanted or they got bored of it. His point was, who's to say the next project is going to be any more successful if you don't know how to see a garment to its conclusion? So I am relying on an authority no less than Tim Gunn to support my slapdashedness and make-it-work-ness. (I suspect that he would not actually approve of my work habits, but unless he weighs in I'm still counting him my mentor.)

So, some things never change. The floor? It's still covered in shoes.


LauraM said...

I have to say I like your Philosophy - lol; plus all you make on PR. It is wonderful to see all the things that people do that is 'couture' with all the details, hand sewing, etc; but personally I want it done! I don't know if it is patience, or like you I'd rather have more! I want it to look good the fastest, easiest way, doesn't have to be couture for me. I'll do a quick fix if something didn't work, as long as it came out look good! why not lol. I think your stuff it great!!

julia said...

Welcome to blog-land. I love your PR reviews - looking forward to seeing a little bit more here.

Sharon said...

Just found your blog through Carolyn's. Love your philosophy on sewing! I always feel a bit guilty about not having the patience to create the beautiful details I see others doing. I usually just want to whip something up fast and if it isn't perfect - who knows unless I them right? I enjoy your PR reviews and look forward to reading your blog.

beth-murphy said...

I found your blog...somehow...I've been all over the place today! I'm glad I wandered in! I agree that your stuff is great, and I don't make myself crazy with perfection, either!

Andrea Schewe said...

I just discovered your blog and love your spirit. I, too, am a slapdash sewist when I sew for myself. I have to do the muslin thing professionally and it's freeing to just go at it. Just started blogging myself and I like the way you present your projects.