Friday, November 9, 2012

Stashoholism Confessional: 7 Month Itch Edition

Fabric Acquisitions April-October 2012

So, you may recall that I decided to go on a Fabric Fast for Lent this year, which I promptly broke the first week due to the seductive powers of Fabric Mart.

I stayed faithful through the remainder of Lent, and threw in another week to atone for my sins.  Then I kept going.  I didn't buy any fabric until July, at which point I bought fabric for my white A line skirt.  I feel that I have somewhat learned my lesson in fabric buying, because I first bought online from Michael's Fabrics, which had a cotton/linen blend for an incredible $4.99/yd.  I know this was in July because I lost my wallet on 4th of July and I still didn't have a replacement credit card, so I had to get the boyfriend to order it for me.  When it arrived, dangit!, it was winter white, not white.  It also didn't come through the pre-wash very well and it's quite thick/heavy, like a denim weight.

I mostly stuck with in-person buying after that.  I kept my buying sparse, trying to purchase only for wardrobe holes.  For instance, the red silk is to replace this one, whose sleeves I just never loved.  The taupe silk is for a silk half-slip.  The black and white geometric is for (another) A line skirt--I got rid of my black and white plaid skirt several years ago and occasionally miss having a b&w skirt.

The gorgeous wool denim from Michael's fabrics on the lower left will be a sheath dress.  I realized I would really like more non-print sheath dresses for work.  So easy to wear and accessorize and yet instantly professional.

G Street 11-2012

The two knits on the right are for long-sleeve tees.  I have pasted the larger picture above to ask if the turquoise on the left is French terry?  People talk about French terry but I honestly have no idea what it is.  This is a very stretchy knit, fairly heavy weight.  One side is smooth like a jersey knit, the other side almost looks like a sweater knit.  Unfortunately, it didn't wash too well--it has parched desert "crack" marks all over it, the way you sometimes see on rayon knits (though it doesn't feel or burn like rayon).  They are worse on the sweaterknit looking side, so I will be using the smooth side as the outside.

I will admit there is a folly in there. I fell in love with that peacock feather sequined mesh at and had to have it.  I have no real idea for it other than a simple skirt.  But I loved it so much online, and I love it just as much in person.

I think for the first time ever I am below parity in my fabric buying, counting the number of pieces of fabric purchased for 2012 against the number of garments sewn (which is not a 1:1 yardage correlation, but is an easy rough calculation).

How better to celebrate than to blow that streak in a fantastical fabric buying spree?  Nikki organized a trip to FabricMart earlier this year, but it was on a Wednesday and I just couldn't take the day off.  Cidell and I are taking our own field trip on Monday since we have the Veteran's Day holiday.  I am so excited.  I just can't even tell you.  Comment here or on her post if you want to meet up with us!

And then next week I will be in NYC for work.  I haven't quite figured out when I'll go fabric shopping, but there will be Garment District visiting.  I will be free for dinner on Thursday night (November 15) if anyone would like to keep me company.

And then I will go back to being parsimonious and puritanical in my buying, and sew like hell to make more room!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You are going to have the best time at Fabric Mart! You will get to actually touch all of the fabric on the website as well as see some things that are just in the store. Have a good time! Take a lot of pictures and I wish I could go with you!!!

Karin said...

Ooooh, I'm quite jealous!
It all sounds justifiable. Especially if you are at stay/sewing parity. I've slowed waaaay down in fabric buying. I've now realised that I don't need anymore cheap fabric. I've got more than enough short cuts of odd ball scratchy stuff. My mantra is to buy much better quality and much less of it!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really wish I lived closer to NYC. This sounds like a lot of fun, hope you have a great time (as though there's any doubt!), and get all the fabric your heart desires....until next time. ;-)

T. Sedai said...

Sounds like fun! I will be excited to read about the fabric buying fun. And I can't wait to see what you get - I always think you have a great taste in fabric. That peacock feather fabric is so pretty.

Amanda S. said...

Well... Thanks a lot. I was not aware of and now I will have to start buying fabric from them. LOVE that peacock print!

Clio said...

I'd love to see you when you are here! Things are a bit bizarre with my commute post-hurricane, so let me know when your plans are set.

clio[dot]phineas[at]gmail[dot]com said...

Excellent! That wool denim is intriguing. And really, can you even go to the brick and mortar Fabric Mart and then the Garment District and NOT buy fabric? Unheard of!

For my part, I am very nearly drowning in fabric. Most of what I have bought in the past year has a project in mind, but I just don't always get them done. And then there are the projects for other people...

Anonymous said...

You live in the District and you make it out to Jo-Ann and G Street? I am so jealous.

I've been trying to level my intake and output and it is not working. It's much easier to buy a gorgeous piece of fabric than it is to make a garment. Who knew?

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

I WAAANT to go to FabricMart too!

But I know you will tell us all about it--can't wait to hear.

Don't hold back!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Though I LOVE living in a small Wisconsin village far, far away from the big city, I do miss having access to really decent fabric stores and their fantastic clearance tables. (It's one reason I hardly sew clothes any more.)

Lucky you! Enjoy your fibrous field trips. And that peacock feather fabric is gorgeous.

P.S. The turquoise certainly looks like French terry to me. (Why "terry", I wonder? Will have to google it.)

Faye Lewis said...

Have fun. Hope you find lots of interesting fabrics.

Janine said...

fabric diets suck as much as real diets - sounds like you deserve a splurge .

Anonymous said...

You are so disciplined! I suspect that is helped by not having a garage to store stash in (like I do).

That blue is indeed french terry as it has loops on one side only. Have you tried hot washing the fabric as it's usually got a high cotton content?

Have fun fabric shopping! I personally love Paron when I go to NYC and M&J Fabrics is my personal Nirvana. Have fun!

P.s. Yelp had some useful restaurant hints when last I was in the garment district.

decapod said...

Have a great time at Fabric Mart! This time I have to work, but you will probably see a box of cut fabric in the waiting-to-ship pile with my name on it (the gabardine sale did me in) -Nikki

Kyle said...

awww i was there in spirit! can't wait to read how it all went down!

Silver Spring Wanderer said...

I have that blue knit (which sounds like it is French terry) from g-street, too. I made a wrap dress out of it. It made a lovely dress, but be warned, it wrinkles pretty easily. I definitely spend some quality time with the iron after washing it.