Thursday, May 15, 2014

DC Area: Want some patterns? Or, please take my stuff

Replace all these rooms with "Sewing Room"

Sorry for the long silence, which will continue a bit longer because...I just got back from my closing and I'm moving!  Next week!  Just 5 blocks, but it takes the same amount of work as moving 1200 miles (as I did when I moved from Texas to DC).  I have been in my condo 10 years.  Ten.years. worth of accumulation.  Before that I had moved every year or 1.5 years after moving out of the house for college.  So I was somewhat lean--but even only somewhat lean then.  In the intervening 10 years my worldly possessions have grown to become what could politely be described as "portly."

Obviously, the sewing room, along with everything else, is going through a serious culling.  I always thought my sewing room in my condo was small.  Well, I didn't know from small compared to the sewing room in the new place.  But at least there is a sewing room.

There is so much more to come, but I need to start moving things out of my place to make room for packed boxes.  I am going to list a huge number of things on Freecycle, but I figured I'd give you all first crack.

If you want any of the below items, let me know by leaving a comment telling me what you want with your email address so I can get in touch and we can set up a pickup time.   I've set the comments on this post to be screened, so your email address won't be published.

Also, because I need to move this stuff out, if you want something you have to take the whole set of whatever it is (all the patterns, all the picture frames, etc.).  What you do with the stuff you don't want I am willfully blind to.

So far I have:
-Kitchen garbage bag full of patterns
-A small box of random craft supplies and stationery,
-mosaic supplies (grout, a million glass jewels, mirrors to mosaic onto, and grout sponges),
-many many gorgeous costumes I've sewn,
-half my coat closet,
-a lot of size 6-6 1/2 shoes and boots,
-a big box of picture frames from small snapshot size to very large wall frames (about a dozen large and a dozen small),
-two Ikea floating shelves (white),
-a long, low white Ikea shelf like this one,
-two sets of plastic drawers,
-a 4 drawer lightweight wooden dresser about 4 feet tall (must be anchored to wall if used around children)
-Random kitchenware, mostly decorative (e.g., plates and platters)
-Grocery bag of jewelry
-a LOT of makeup, including a million eyeshadow colors (great for a girls' dress up party) and other grooming products

I am also hoping to sell a few things:
-Full size mattress and box spring along with utilitarian frame.  Mattress is firm and very comfortable, and I am sad to give it up.  If you'd like, I will throw in a "wrought iron" look canopyless bed frame (something like this) and matching floor mirror. 
-Beige microfiber sofa somewhat similar to this but only two cushions wide.  Very comfortable and nice for a small space. 

I haven't started the fabric packing, but obviously there will be some of that too eventually, and clothes, and probably more kitchenware.

I'll be at home Friday evening and Saturday during the day, and some time Sunday for pickup in the Shaw area--unfortunately, I can't deliver or meet you anywhere.