Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Leap Day 2012
As an single professional woman in my mid(ish)-30s, I am contractually obligated to love Tina Fey and 30 Rock.  I dutifully fulfill these obligations.  But truly, 30 Rock is an awesome show.  Last week's episode--available for free on Hulu as of this writing--was about Leap Day and it was hilarious.  I highly recommend a view.

In Liz Lemon's world, Leap Day is a big national holiday with a parade in every town, an old man who emerges from the sea every four years to throw candy in exchange for children's tears, and--of course--particular colors that everyone wears that day with St. Patrick's Day pinching type consequences for those who fail to do so.  I had to get in on the action, if only to pretend that I am friends with Liz Lemon.

Leap Day's colors are yellow and blue.  I don't have anything that combines those two colors but given how many clothes I have, ahem, there is enough yellow and blue in the wardrobe to last me a lifetime of Leap Days (though its position in February--usually the coldest month here in DC--is somewhat of an impediment).

For Leap Day 2012 I went for Vogue 8633, accessorized with a blue scarf I wore for just about every interview I had in law school, a blue bracelet, and my blue glasses.  And also tights and boots--it's a good thing DC isn't holding a Leap Day Parade this year because it is cold and pouring rain.

Due to my love of costumes, I generally dress for holidays.  In a subtle way, though; wearing the particular color associated with the holiday, rather than a literal Quacker Factory-style be-spangled, be-jeweled, and be-dazzled sweater. 

How about you?  Do you dress up for holidays?  And what are your big plans for Leap Day?  (My plans involve wearing yellow and blue and going to work.  Very exciting.)


cidell said...

I really do love this dress. I'd like to shrink myself three sizes and six inches so I could steal it from you

Katharine said...

Hi Trena, nice colours! You know here in Europe the tradition of Leap Day proposals is still going strong. On Leap Day traditionally a woman could propose to a man. Check it out on Wikipedia... in 2008 a Finnish acquaintance told me about March 1 newspapers being filled with stories like, 'all I wanted was a skirt but I got a husband instead.' She sent me an ecard for Leap Day that had, in Finnish, 'will it be a new skirt or a new life?' Last time I even broached the subject with my now-husband, who had already asked me a few times, and he got tears in his eyes and accepted. (Awww!) Just letting you know about the tradition...!

Mary said...

Great dress Trena. I love the splash of yellow and the blue scarf. Another 30Rock fan,

badmomgoodmom said...

What a great, sunny dress!

No, I don't generally dress up for holidays.

In my oh so glamorous life married to a field scientist out in the field, I will make a Target run to pick up TP before work. Work. Then leave early to go to physical therapy (the aching back plaguing desk jockeys). Then rush from PT to pick up child from drama rehearsal. Get her home and fed, then drop her off for ballet class while I make a groceries run.

kathy said...

You look sunny enough to repel any rain in your area.

Unknown said...

I'm wearing yellow and blue today for Leap Day William! Love Liz Lemon!

Mrs. Micawber said...

When I saw your picture on my bloglist, I thought, "Wow! They must be having a warm February!" Having read your post, I now know better.

You do look sunshiny and cheerful. I'm celebrating Leap Day (and a rather mild spell of weather) by NOT wearing my merino wool undershirt - which has otherwise been an almost constant companion this month; also by breaking out into 3/4 sleeves.

Uta said...

I'm so ready for spring, and your dress goes perfectly with that theme. I'm not aware of leap day traditions in Germany, but I love to dress for holidays!

meli88a said...

That dress is so spring timey, and Leap Day William is going to run off with cute little you!

aleah said...

Ha, I linked to this episode today too! You'll have to poke me in the eyes, though, since my leap day dress is not blue and yellow... and I only wish there were school buses on my underwear.
I love this dress, and your blue accessories totally honor Leap Day William.
I'm actually not a big holiday-dresser-upper, but I may make an exception for awesome imaginary holidays...
Also, you have absolutely articulated how I feel about Tina Fey. A delightful contractual obligation it is, though!

Faye Lewis said...

I love your leap day dress. So cheery!

MySummerTouch said...

I'd wear this dress myself! Yellow is my fav color!
Can't watch Hulu, though, because I'm not in US! I'll watch it in Russian part of the web, then. Thank you for pointing to this show, I don't really know what is popular today in US, haven't seen anything except for Vampire's Diaries.

Elizabeth Made This said...

I still love this dress. Yellow is such a great color on you. I was so inspired when I saw this, that I went to go cut out a Jalie scarf collar top out of yellow Milly rayon jersey at 4pm. I got all but the side seams and hems finished before the ceiling in the sewing room started leaking! Ack. It'll have to be leap week for me.

I do like dressing up for the 4th of July in a subtle sort of way too. I like the idea of dressing up, but the palette for most holidays I feel involves red in some way which is fairly problematic for my coloring. I do love non-color oriented holidays like Corduroy Appreciation Day and what not.

Nethwen said...

You look great. That scarf is a perfect completer for the dress!

I love costumes, but dislike dressing in costume-like clothes for holidays. Dressing in holiday colors, if done tastefully, is more attractive to my style.

I had no idea Leap Day had colors.

Anonymous said...

Why not use small, lace covered buttons at a shoulder opening instead of a zipper or pull-over?

Anonymous said...

HAD I BUT KNOWN, I could have so easily worn blue and yellow! There's nothing I like better than being told how to dress. It brings out my weird creative/competitive side. In 4 years, I will remember.

That was a really funny episode. The strange thing about Tina Fey is that she PLAYS a single thirtysomething, but she IS a fortysomething wife and mother. As such, she appeals to your demograph and mine.

I love your yellow/blue ensemble.

Claudine (

ItMakesYouSmile said...

Been following you for quite a while. Somehow missed this dress the first time around, but had to say, wow! this dress looks fantastic on you. Love the cut and fit. (Color very cute, too.)

As always, thanks for the post.