Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss Celie and the Slapdash Sewist Chat: Family History

This time Cidell and I talked about how we started sewing, the sewing that has gone on in our families, her trip to PR Weekend in LA including a disastrous attempt at public transportation, and of course lots of other random stuff. It gave me a chance to talk a little about my Nana, who passed away about ten years ago and has been on my mind a lot lately for some reason.

We also propose some names for the podcast for you to ponder. I think you should consider voting for "Hemline Hotline" or "A Stitchable World," but that's just me. :-P

You can visit it for download here.

Vote for your favorite name!


Little Hunting Creek said...

public transportation in California? That's an oxymoron. Poor Cidell. But now she knows better. Your podcast was fun.

Leslie in Austin said...

I'm so excited to have been included in your podcast :-) Hi backatcha sistergirlies!

Trena, when you come to town, you must carve out half an hour of time to meet me for coffee and a very quick visit to Silk Road Fabrics. Cidell has my #. Use it!

As for your podcast name, I'm loving SheSpoke Couture, with Hemline Hotline being a very close second.